Thursday, November 26, 2015

Monday, November 16, 2015

Busy Again!

Busy, busy, busy and that is the way I like it!  Lots of weaving has been accomplished in the last two weeks.  First up is a beaded Christmas table runner.  The red glass beads have sterling silver interiors which add a lovely glow to the beads.

Christmas monk's belt towels will make a lovely gift for the gourmet cooks in the house.

The "plaid" rainbow towels sort of remind me of madras plaids - my version is done in plain weave and much brighter colors.

Weaving up more of the turned taquete towels, this version is done with some fantastic bright orange.  Doesn't this towel warm up the room!

Same warp as above with a dark eggplant purple weft which gives a cooler impression to the overall look to the towel.

Need to get back to work, no rest for the weary as they say.

Back to the looms.

Happy Weaving.
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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Hot Pot

After some thought on how to keep from burning my hand on my Brown Betty teapot while trying to pour some lovely hot Earl Grey tea I came up with this idea.

A little bit of thought,  a little bit of handwoven fabric, a little bit of velcro and 
wa-lah - we now have a teapot handle cover.

Anyone for a spot of tea?

Back to the looms.

Happy Weaving.
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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Slow Return

Four surgical procedures in the space of five weeks have kept me from my looms this fall.  I am slowly returning to good health and higher energy levels.    It took me forever to get this organic cotlin warp off the loom and it was a short warp - only 4 yards long.

The bright citrus stripes in the towel below were woven with left over bobbins of organic yarn I had sitting in my bobbin box waiting for me to use them up.  

Three different green and white towels were woven on this short warp, this is the lime green version.

Now that I am just about back in the saddle as they say I need to get busy and start warping my looms the holidays are fast approaching.

Back to the looms.

Happy Weaving.
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Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Warm bright colors are such a joy to weave with and to behold.
Had a lovely time weaving with this GOTS certified cotlin yarn, it is easy to work with and finishes up with no fading or pilling.  Great Stuff although a bit pricy.

Nice to weave up, and it really shows the pattern nicely.

Decided that in the future I will not be using yellow on my selvedges - just doesn't help showcase the towel colors at all.

Same yarns different draft.  The grape and kiwi remind me Welch's grape jelly for some reason, I think I must have been hungry when I was weaving this.

The bright orange and kiwi green remind me of an orange grove.  Very cheerful!

Back to the looms.

Happy Weaving.
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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Waste Not Want Not

Never being one to waste my handwoven samples and the ends of various warps I gathered and assembled some new handwoven fabric coasters for my shop.

There ended up being three sets of two matching coasters and several one of kind coasters in my finished pile.

The one of a kind coasters will be used as thank you gifts for my customers and the sets are listed for sale in my shop.

The delft blue tencel overshot coasters match my Japanese porcelain coffee mug nicely.  

Red Tencel was used for this coaster set.

Another case of waste not want not - the fabric for these coasters was a towel that finished up too short to sell.  Love the bright magenta and pinks.

Back to the looms.

Happy Weaving.
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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Don't Faint!

I know, I know, what in the sam hill have I been doing for so long?  No excuses other than I have been weaving and vacationing and taking care of a few health issues.  Sorry for the long absence, but I am back in the saddle.

To prove to you that I have indeed been weaving here a few things I have been working on.

Cranberry red mercerized cotton with soft gold metallic accents.  I just love my Great Grandmother's hand cut crystal candy dish - isn't she a beauty?

Cobalt blue with silver trees and snowflakes.  I am starting to lose count on how many times I have woven this particular table runner.  Clients keep requesting this runner and I keep weaving them.  The little coffee pot is the very first thing I ever bought for myself when we moved to Japan.  

Five bright and cheerful table napkins woven with mercerized cottons from Yarn Barn.  The original draft for these napkins is called "one to many margaritas" - I did not use the original draft but chose instead to do my own thing and designed a broken twill.  Love the bright colors.

Cobalt blue is my absolute favorite color along with my other favorite - Blue Willow dishes.  This is an example of what I do with the end of a warp.  The warp is "left over" from weaving a table runner.  I played with treadles to make a some simple patterning on the end of the towel and wa-lah I have something nice to sell in my shop.

Yet again, here is another towel woven with warp "left overs".  Waste not want not as they say.

There are a few other things I have woven and when I get around to it I will try to remember to take some shots to share.

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer and looking forward to the cooler temperatures of Fall. 

Happy Weaving!

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