Friday, October 17, 2014

Evening Stars

Outside Beauty Shot

No one ever told me how hard it is to weave with black tencel let alone how hard it is to properly photograph.  This was a one day project from start to finish which has to be a weaving record for me.

Inside Beauty Shot

I was pleased that I finally found a project I could use the sparkly rayon slub yarn that has been languishing in my stash for eons.

The model for my evening shawl is a dress dummy I covered with the catalog pages from a Sears and Roebuck catalog circa 1870 or so.

Back to my looms.

Happy Weaving!

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Coasting Along

My weaving project for the week has been some handwoven beverage coasters.  Some people call them mug rugs but I think these are far too nice to be called mug rugs.  

Dark Forest Green perle cotton really stands out against the snow white background on these coasters.

This was a fun project to weave, I enjoyed watching the each block pattern develop as I threw the shuttle.

Next up on the looms are some baby blankets.

Back to my looms.

Happy Weaving!

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Holiday Preparations

Once again I have woven what I refer to as Swedish Snowflakes, these towels are fun to weave and are just as fun to use in the kitchen.

On the same 17 yard warp my other favorite draft to weave for the holidays I call Nordic Stars and is just a fun to weave and great to give as a holiday gift to friends and family.

Used up some UKI pearl cotton from my stash along with a few cones of metallic yarn to experiment with a new to me overshot draft.  The picture doesn't do justice to the amount of sparkle the gold yarn imparts.

Same UKI pearl warp but different treading on this version of the runner, I can't decide which I like better.  

Better get back at it, the holidays are fast approaching and I have much to do.

Back to my looms.

Happy Weaving!

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Monday, September 15, 2014

Craft/Fiber Artists Finalist!

I am excited to be a finalist in the crafts/fiber arts category for the Martha Stewart American Made contest.  Voting begins today!

Voting runs from Sep 15th through Oct 13th

Every voter gets 6 votes per day 

If I should win the contest I plan to use the prize money for my small business, Thistle Rose Weaving to so that it can grow and expand, here's hoping!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Summer Rainbows

Seven different hues of summer rainbows done in a block taquette stucture.

This towel is from the same warp but treadled as plain weave.  I was attempting to use all the various colored bobbins I had left from the taquete block towels.

Managed to squeek out one more towel on this warp and chose to use a modified basket weave.  Thought it was interesting that the warp threads made a few colorful stripes in the finished body of the towel.   Wish I could say I had something to do with the striping effect, but it must have been the weaving fairies.

Back to my looms.

Happy Weaving!

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Generational Shift

It has been a busy and fulfilling two weeks here in my studio.  Our Grandchildren came for a visit and boy did they put me through my paces.  My looms and sewing machines all got a work out by both of the kids.

Our Grandson, Christian is busy threading heddles on the ancient Kessenich table loom.  I hauled this loom out of the guest bedroom closet, set it up for the kids and away they went weaving scarves for their Mom.  Although both kids wove scarves from start to finish the weaving bug did not bite.  Once they completed their projects they lost interest in the looms.

Pepper was in her glory all week, she found the kids fascinating to watch and wonderful to play with.  Note she is hoping that Christian will stop working on his project long enough to throw her toy.

Kaya, Christian's twin sister is busy sewing her very first practice piece.  She sewed her very first seams perfectly with absolutely no help from me.  Wonder how many beginning seamstresses have worked on this lovely old Singer 201-2?

May I introduce you to the newest seamstress in our family!  
Here is Kaya's very first completed sewing project, a minki pillow case.  Kaya designed and sewed the entire project all by herself - note her smile of satisfaction on a job well done.  Sam is pretty sure that his girl is going to sew him something too.  

All in all it was a week full of fun and lots of learning.  
Grandkids are indeed one of best things that life has to offer.

Back to my looms.

Happy Weaving!

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

It Is Never Too Early

Been super busy trying to get a good start on my holiday weaving list, seems it gets longer with each passing year.  Put a 10 yard warp of cotlin on the Gilmore and got busy weaving my version of Swedish Drall towels.

Hard to get bored when you are changing colors every towel.

Nice dark green, same weft as my new table runners.  Always good to use up the yarn that is hanging around on the bobbins I have left over from other projects.

Lovely yellow, bobbin leftovers from a baby blanket project.

Kiwi green, bobbin leftovers from a towel project I donated for the United Way in Peoria.

Cheerful orange, bobbin leftovers from a rainbow towel warp.

Same warp, different treadling - I guess I did get a bit bored.  Nice blue Borg's cotlin from Sweden - surprise -- not leftover yarn this time.

Next on the agenda -- I decided to weave up two perfectly simple table runners using some dark green perle cotton from stash.  Added a bit of holiday bling by hemstitching some glass beads on both ends of each runner.

Silver glass beads grace both ends of this runner.  Think the beads came from Italy.

Blingy red glass beads on this runner, love they way they glow.

You may have noticed the "Martha Steward Made In America" contest logo in the right upper corner of my blog page - yep, you guessed it I am a glutton for punishment and decided to throw my towel into the ring again this year.  

It is hard to resist the grand prize money of $10,000 - that money would be the seed money for me to realize my dream of opening a weaving store and studio to teach.  We all have dreams and I sure would love to make mine come true.  

In case you are wondering voting begins September 15th and runs for a few weeks.  People can vote one time per day.  Wish me luck, I did pretty well last year and hope to do as well if not better this year.  Hey, somebody has to win the thing why not me?  

Back at it.

Happy Weaving!

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