Saturday, April 23, 2011

Meet My Weaving Supervisor


This is Sam Wise Gamgee, otherwise known as Sam around here.  Sam is my official weaving studio supervisor, he is very good at picking weaving patterns and yarns for my projects.  Okay, not really...but he does a great impression of snoring...oh wait, he is snoring.   Sam is a rescue dog, we have been the proud parents of 3 rescue Old English Sheepdogs - each one has been a wonderful addition to our family.  As you can tell by the picture Sam is a huge dog, over 112 pounds - this is very large for a Sheepie (okay, I probably spoil him a tad too much and feed him more than I should).    I am working on getting some weight off of Sam - maybe 20 pounds or so.  It is hard to resist those sweet eyes of his.

Currently threading a new to me weaving pattern.  This will be my first attempt at waffle weave.  My sister who a very accomplished weaver tells me that waffle weave shrinks a whole lot when you wet finish it.  Hopefully I have accounted for this shrinkage in my planning, we will see when this warp is woven off.

Next post I will have pictures of the towels in progress on the loom.

Until then,

Happy weaving!


  1. Who could resist that face? What a sweet companion...

    Waffle weave is fun as all the action happens once you take it off the loom! Then it hits the water and even more happens!
    I allow as much as 30% for shrinkage and a friend will even allow 50%. Its the old story of sample, sample, sample!


  2. Susan, for the waffle weave I allowed an extra 15% for both width and length. Sampling, yes I know i am supposed to sample....but, I did not in this case. If the weaving goddess is smiling upon me I should be all right....hope so.

    Hope spring is sprung up in your neck of the woods. We have much flooding here in Utah and it has not really warmed up that much, the snow pack in the mountains is immense and those that know are worrying about spring floods. We should be fine where I live, but not so great in other areas in the Salt Lake valley.