Monday, April 25, 2011

Weekly Post - April 25th

Good Morning Friends,

Have come to the decision that I am going to post here on my blog every Monday morning, I think that will fit best into my schedule - or at least I hope so.

Last post I promised you pictures of my latest project, the waffle weave towels.  So far I have completed one towel and have begun towel number two.  Waffle weave is fun to work with the weaving goes fast with the treadling being a simple 432123.  I think of treadling this pattern as going down the scale - meaning 4321 and then turning back up the scale to finish the set by pushing treadles 2 and 3.  Looking forward to seeing these towels finished so I can measure how much shrinkage I have.

You can see in the following picture that my weaving supervisor is working hard this morning.  No, really, he is working hard at contemplating what my next project will be on the loom.

I am always curious to see what other weaver's studios look like so I thought I would let you peak into my studio.  The loom closest to you is Rose, she is an 8 shaft Gilmore jack loom - the waffle weave towels are currently in progress on her.  The large loom in the back ground is Thistle, she is a 4 shaft Glimarka that I adore. She has a warp waiting to be threaded which I plan to accomplish this week.

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  1. Your studio is wonderful! It looks well thought out and I could step in and feel at home there!

    Your helper is really holding down that carpet for you. :)