Monday, May 9, 2011

May 9th - Is It Monday Already?

Oh my has time been flying around here.  My sweet husband and I spent the last three days working on  back yard projects (have I mentioned that I dislike yard work).  We are installing a large garden area with built in sprinklers.  Of course Murphy's law dictated that the sprinkler system must break while the garden bed is being tilled with a very expensive rented tiller!  Poor Mike spent many hours literally up to his armpits in mud replacing broken parts and installing new sprinkler heads so that our garden won't die from thirst this summer.  We are building long raised bed garden boxes with grass in between each box, that way I can sit on my new rolling garden cart and weed the boxes without a whole lot of bending involved - which is really neat.  Thanks honey!  We also ripped out the old garden area in the front of our house and installed landscape fabric and a full yard of washed river rock.  Mike again did the majority of the labor, lots of wheel barrels of very heavy rock went into the new front garden - it looks fantastic!

On the weaving front, again nothing new to report I am ashamed to say.  Between the yard work and  trying to register online with the state so that I can pay any sales tax I might make on line, I have been too busy to weave.  This situation will be remedied this week, back to the loom I go.

In my etsy shop I have several baby bibs, none of which are selling.  I reshot all the pictures for the bibs last week thinking the new shots will help buyers see how cute the bibs are.  So far still no buyers...

Like the butterflies and the tulips on these bibs.

The little bunnies were a lot of fun to weave!

I am off to get busy on my looms, Happy weaving!


  1. I love those bibs! Now if only my daughter and son in law would provide me with a reason to buy them!

    Yard work is not something I can do much of without paying a price. So when hub's can do nifty things like that, its always a plus!
    Mine just reworked a hedge row and the difference is amazing!

  2. I saw the pictures of the new row of little trees at your house - they are lovely! Let Bruce know when he needs something to do he can come over to my house with his tractor!