Tuesday, July 12, 2011

1940's Apron Sewing Fest Continues

Finally finished sewing all the aprons I had in mind when I started this journey.  The pink and brown apron below turned out really cute, sewed some cute little polka dot bows on the pocket.

Hopefully you can see the little bows when you click the picture to make it bigger.

This next apron has been brewing in my mind for a long time.  I inherited a rather dumpy old 1940's table cloth, it had been my Grandmother's and I am sure it has not seen a table in eons.  Did not want to throw the table cloth out, what to do....recycle of course.  

 Did some creative cutting so that most of the pattern showed up on the skirt and ties of the apron.  Even used a retro button from my collection on the pocket.  Also had to make a little flower patch to cover a hole, thankfully the hole was small and the patch blends in.

Sam my ever faithful studio assistant decided he needed to remind me it is almost time for dinner.  Hmmm which apron should I wear?  Actually most of these aprons will be gifts for family and friends this Christmas.  Think I will keep the table cloth apron for myself.

Last, but certainly not least is the last apron I have sewn this session.  Kind of reminds me of I Love Lucy, it has 50's vibe.  Love the giant red rick rack.

Also like the cherries on the pockets.

The neck ties also have the cherry pattern on them.

Okay, I am now up to my eyebrows in sewing threads and fabric cuttings all over the studio floor.  Time to clean up the mess and get back to my first love, weaving.  Poor looms are waiting patiently....

Happy Weaving.


  1. I have been enjoying these 1940's aprons! I recently went apron shopping and lamented the lack of style and options. I'd wear one of yours in a heart beat!

    Very classy...

  2. I love all your aprons! Are you working from a pattern or did you make up your own? I keep seeing great fabric that I have no clue what I'd do with it - now I know, it would make perfect apron fabric! Making myself a few aprons will be added to my to-do list for the future - thanks for inspiring me!

  3. I adore aprons......these are sweet!!
    I'm so sorry I couldn't have spirited that stove to you!