Monday, July 11, 2011

1940's Kitchen and Chore Helpers

This week has kept me busy sewing with my "new" 60 year old Singer 201 sewing machine.  Love retro kitchens especially those from the early 1940's and all they entail, so of course that would include aprons.

 This apron really was a joy to sew but attaching the bias tape was no mean feat.  Tried using my vintage bias tape attachment that attaches to my machine, but alas it seems that modern bias tape is wider than the tapes of yore.  Whats that you say, why didn't I made my own tape....wait, for it I did ... well not on this apron but on one yet to come.  

On the reverse side I like the piece that goes between the straps it really does work to keep the straps from sliding down your arms.   Thought the bow was nice and girly too.

If you biggify (is that really a word) the picture by clicking on it you can see how I trimmed the pockets and the little front kick ruffle with some lace I had in my sewing stash.  

This apron is what my Grandmother Fran would have called a chore apron, it goes all the way around you and has no ties on it to get caught in barbed wire, wringer washers, screen doors - you get the picture I think.

This apron actually looks much better in person than it does on my dress form.  The lace I used is from Ireland, which is fitting as my Grandmother was too!  As mentioned before, this is the bias tape I actually made myself.  Bias tape is a pain in the you know what to make, but it turned out lovely.

Apron number three is my take on a vintage 40's kitchen/entertaining apron.  Loved the pink paisley print and the cute little ruffle that goes all the way around the apron.  Used my ruffler attachment to make the ruffle along with the rolled hemmer foot to finish the edges of the ruffle.  The old attachments may look strange but they really do work perfectly!

The back of the apron illustrates how well this apron really does cover you up, the ties are extra long and make a nice big bow.

Note the three different fabric patterns.  The pocket is just the right size for a handkerchief and not much else.  Sorry, the colors are not true to life, the camera is not reading the pinks very well.

There are 2 other aprons waiting to be constructed, so it is back to the machine for me.  

Happy Weaving!

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  1. Love the aprons! Practical and cute. Very nice job.