Monday, July 18, 2011


Do you collect sheep?  I think a lot of fiber artists collect sheep of some type, some of us are actually lucky to "collect" living breathing sheep - oh how I wish I could!  These guys are a small section of my little herd, the guy in the back is hand made from what looks like pine.  I bought him  about a dozen years ago at a yard sale for a quarter.  Love the guy in the extreme front, he was found when I lived in Japan, I believe he is hand carved.

This is not part of any of my collections, but is it a really neat piece.  My father made this sewing ciscrine (how do you spell that word) out of a set of drawers from a very old worn out treadle sewing machine cabinet.  I have hauled this great piece from pillar to post for the last 25 years.  She holds a ton of sewing stuff, vintage accessories for my very wonderful old Singer sewing machines and an assortment of thread and needles.

My latest find is this school desk seat, with wonderful cast iron legs.  The jointed mohair bear sitting on the seat is Oliver, he is part of my bear collection.  The bear collection used to be huge but I have since weeded it down to a manageable 6 or 7 bears.  Love the seat, washed it down with Murphy's oil soap to get years of grime off the wood and then applied Howard's wax as a finish. 

Back to the collections, on the sewing bird you can see some wonderful Victorian hat pins I have collected for several years.  If it is Victorian you can pretty much guarantee I will like it.  The bunnies in the picture also part of another collection and of course the gnome in the foreground is part of a small collection I started back in the early 90's.  Like to think he is working on a loom or possibly a harp. 

Last but not least, is my newest collection - vintage-like German mica glittered birds.  These birds hang from the ceiling above my Glimarka loom.  Why birds you may ask, they look Victorian to me because of the mica glitter and I love that look and they just appeal to me.

Well, as you no doubt have surmised I have no weaving to show for myself this week.  Rats!

Enjoy your week.

Happy Weaving


  1. Its great to see what weavers have in their studios as inspiration! Love the little school seat... and I have a jointed hand made bear as well (name is Spike) I also have a little gnome who looks very much like your colourful one... mine is plaster and is guarding a pumpkin that you stick a tea light into. (Halloween decoration)

    I have been thinking on your tempting offer to trade for an apron. I would need two (both custom fits etc) so would prefer to order and pay directly. Lets talk about this more via email.... but we are super busy this coming week. Best day is next Friday at soonest.

    Cheerio, Susan

  2. Susan, I am humbled that you would like me to sew 2 aprons for you. Very sorry to have to tell you that I am not able to fulfill your wishes at this moment in time, my plate is overflowing. Sorry for the bad news, all the best. M

  3. I love your collections. I find it so interesting to see all the wonderfully different things that can appeal to a person. The best part of collecting things, I feel, is to have them where you can see and enjoy them. I found my doll collection in the closet and I thought, what the heck? I will need to decide what to do with it, as there is no joy in having them hidden away!