Saturday, July 2, 2011

How Did It Get To Be July Already

Oh my, I am behind on posting, sorry!  Hubby was away overseas and of course took our only digital camera with him.  No camera, no pictures and I guess no post from me.

Finished my summer rainbow inspired huck towels.  Got 8 towels out of this warp which pleases me because I had thought I would only end up with 7 and an extra towel is always a bonus.  I enjoy weaving huck and loved the random color changes in each towel.  I wove the towels with no particular color sequence in mind, think they turned out well.

This up close picture allows you to actually see how pretty huck weave truely is.

Decided to try my luck on ArtFire selling my handwoven towels.  I did not list everything I have in my Etsy shop on the Artfire site, it was way to daunting of a task and I was not feeling up to it.  Listed several things, but so far nothing....  Have not heard of anyone selling a lot of items on Artfire but I do know that one of my personal weaving heros -- Laura Fry has a shop there.  I figure that if Laura is there it might be a good place to try selling my handwovens too.    My shop is:

Working on a new warp in rustic barn red and dark khaki colors, a simple 2/2 twill - hopefully I will have pictures for you next week.

In the mean time, enjoy this wonderful long weekend with your friends and family.

Happy weaving!

Hope your Fourth of July weekend is going well!

Happy Weaving


  1. I *love* the color combinations! The huck blends them well... I might just 'steal' this idea!

    Congrats on your new on line shop! I hope it is very prosperous!


  2. These are BEAUTIFUL!!!!! They kind of remind me of the happy towels in the Handwoven magazine from a few issues back. Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Great towels!!! The colors are a wonderfully cheery combination!! Thanks for sharing!