Monday, July 25, 2011

Rustic Barn Red Handwoven Towels

Finally finished the warp of barn red and khaki 8/2 cotton that has been lurking on my Glimarka for a few weeks.

First up is towel number one, a good old fashioned twill with a neat wavy border.

Number two towel is one of my favorites, like the broken twill pattern in this one.

Towel three, alternating twill boxes.  This was a fun towel to weave, although I had to pay attention and not mess up on my treadling.

Fourth towel, good old fashioned tabby.  Don't you love my cow, she is made from cast iron and sure wish I had a herd of these girls.

Towel five was the experimental towel of this batch - decided to try something different for the warp.  Used a linen boucle on the warp.  My hubby likes this towel the best out of the lot.

Sam helping me shoot the towel pictures.  

Sam listening to hear his favorite words..."it is time for supper".  Such a sweet boy.

On to the next project....

Happy Weaving!


  1. I love your towels! I haven't woven anything fine like that in a long time, it makes me want to make some towels of my own again. Isn't fun to do so many different things on one warp?

  2. Thank you for your compliments, I appreciate it very much. Yes, it is fun the weave many different patterns on one warp, keeps the boredom factor down.

  3. I love these towels, I have a boucle linen that I never use maybe I should give it a try! The potholders are great too and it looks like an interesting weave.

    Well done on the conserves, it's a busy time of year!

  4. Welcome Clare! Boucle linen, now that sounds interesting indeed. Where may I ask did you ever find that yarn?

    The pantry is getting fuller by the week, lots of tomatoes and peaches are in season right now. Made a wonderful peach sauce with Amaretto, very yummy stuff.