Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Studio Favorites

Today I decided to post some shots of things I love in my studio.

Just brought this beauty home, she is a sixty year old Singer 201.  This lovely lady sews beautifully and hardly makes a noise while she is doing it.  I sold a 6 year old Viking Quilt Designer II with all the bells and whistles on it for a pittance to young lady last week so that I could purchase this machine.  Bought the hated Viking machine brand new six years ago when we lived in Wisconsin.   Thought I wanted a computerized machine at the time - hah, I detested that machine the very first week I had her.  Already own two other classic Singers, a 500 model known as a Rocketeer because of it's Jetson's appearance and a traditional Featherweight best loved by quilters both near and far, both these machines are in perfect working order and I adore sewing on them.   I prefer the older metal geared machines, they sew a better seam and they will out live me as long as they are well maintained.

Next up, may I introduce you to Margarite.   My old dress form had seen better days and far too many moves, she was really beat up and ready for the scrap pile.  Decided to cover her with 1884 Sears and Roebuck pages - used the ladies pages, lots of corsets and dresses and hats and gloves, etc.  Margarite is now a decoration in my studio,  I must admit she is a fun girl to have around.

Here you can see the types of catalog pages I used to decorate her.  The hand blown glass hearts hanging around her neck have been purchased through the years at various Renaissance Fairs.

These are my antique Dala Horses from Sweden, just love how sweet they are.  Started this little collection about two years ago.  I love Swedish weaving looms and of course any Swedish style weaving, so it just made sense to collect the Dala horses - they take up less space than Swedish looms!

My antique button, sewing items and marble collections all gathered into some very old canning cars, note the original zinc lids on a few of the jars.

This lovely hand painted flower pot was painted by a friend of mine many years ago, she is perfect to store weaving implements.  Joanne is a talented painter and did such a great job on this pot I did not have the heart to use it for plants.

One of two inspiration bulletin boards that hang above my desk here in the studio.  Really--- this is just a way for me to keep "pretties" that catch my eye.  Love to collect the postcards of famous paintings that I have had the honor to actually see in person.  Vermeer, Renior, etc.  Note the Rosie the Riveteer on the far right side, she is my personal hero - always reminds me of my Grandmother Ruth.   Ruth worked in a tank factory during the war, how cool is that!

Inspiration board number two, lots of cooleo junk on this one!

Last but certainly not least, I do actually have something going on the Swedish loom, not sure I will complete this run of towels this week as I am sewing on my "new" sewing machine.

Hope you enjoyed a tour of things I love about my studio, I feel like a lucky girl to have this studio.

Happy Weaving!

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