Monday, August 29, 2011

Christmas Table Runners & Home Canning Adventures

It has been a while since I have posted anything of note, sorry.   I have been weaving and of course canning up a storm around here.  Think I might have a few more tomatoes than I expected to actually have to deal with.  Yes, this is a good thing but it does cut into my weaving time.

Today I canned a nice thick tomato paste to use as the base for home made spaghetti sauce this winter, it turned out really well.  Learned a new trick to make thick sauce, let it cook in a 350 degree oven for a few hours this method gets rid of the excess water and leaves a nice thick paste - yummy stuff.  Also canned some lovely black sweet cherries, had to make brandied cherries for the holidays (this is my second batch, wonder if that is significant)?

Finished weaving some Christmas table runners in what I think of as Dala Horse red and snow white merc cotton.  On this particular warp I had three 70 inch runners and one shorter runner of 40 or so inches.  Much to my dismay one of the the long red and white runners had a treadling error on one end - why did I not see this error when weaving!  Needless to say that particular runner will not be going anywhere, thinking of using it as material to make a tea cozy.

This is the red and white runner that has no treadling errors, just love it!  Think my Dala horse looks splendid sitting on the runner.

Here you can see the snowflakes and the Christmas trees a little bit better.

In this version I choose to weave the pattern in gold thread and the body of the table runner in red plain weave.  It reminds me of traditional Swedish Christmas table runners, very simple and elegant.

Like the pattern in the gold thread, don't you?

Etsy has changed a few things on how people are able to search for hand made items on the site.  Hope this helps my little shop and sales start to pick back up.  Have any of you noticed a slow sale month this month?

Need to get busy and figure out what to weave next, back to the looms.

Happy weaving!


  1. Your runners are beautiful.

  2. Your runners are lovely.

    Since the change in the way etsy searches my sales have been lower. When I search for my hand-dyed roving I have to go through pages to just come across one of them. I seem to have things tagged for it but it's very different now.I don't know what the secret is to coming up in the searches now.