Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Colorful Handwoven Pot Holders

Needed to come up with a fast project that had to be completed and ready for gift giving very soon.  Had left over 8/2 cotton from my bright multi colored huck towel project and an empty loom....so off to the races I went.

Wove a four foot warp off with 9 pot holders as the finished result.  The fronts are the pattern you see above which is from the Davidson book of patterns.  The back of the potholders were done in one inch plain weave boxes of the assorted colors I had on hand.  Used red commercial bias tape to finish the edges of each pot holder.

Taught myself how to miter the bias tape corners so that the resulting pot holder looks professionally finished.  The color is way off in this picture, way too yellow for some reason.  The real colors are better represented in the first picture.

The above picture is the current pot holder project I have going on the Gilmore.  Using a project pattern I found in HW issue May/June 2005 and making it a little more my own by changing the yarns, epi along with changing construction of the finished project.  So far they are weaving up quickly and I think will be great when they are completed.  Love overshot patterns so this is an enjoyable project to weave.

Wish the heat wave would end soon.  

Happy Weaving


  1. Potholders are such a great idea! I love yours and the Brown Betty teapot too. I have one and love it.

  2. I agree that the potholders are a good idea. I also agree about the teapot! I am interested in your overshot. I have never tried to weave an overshot pattern. Is it any trickier than reading a regular pattern? Now I will have to investigate!

  3. Nice to know others like my Brown Betty, she is a wonderful tea pot and makes the best tea.

    Flyin' Bobbin, overshot is one of my favorite weaving patterns to weave, you need to use 2 shuttles which is not hard once you realize that the tabby shots should always be entered into the shed in the same manner every time. Reading the pattern is exactly the same for overshot weaving, the only thing that is different is that after every pattern shot you through a tabby shot. Pattern, tabby, pattern, tabby --- you get the idea. Enjoy