Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Pot Holders or Hot Pads What do you call them???

Maybe it depends where you are from,  what do you call them....hot pads or pot holders?

These pot holders wove up fast and were a lot of fun to weave.  Of course I did not follow the directions, ----when do I EVER follow directions----.  What I did was to throw 30 pics of plain weave first (first diversion from the directions).  Next I then wove the pattern using yarns totally different than the pattern directions called for (are you surprised yet).  Next veering from the planned pathI threw 60 pics of plain weave and wove the pattern again.  Ended the pot holder with 30 pics of plain weave.

30 pics plain weave
60 pics plain weave
30 pics plain weave

4 shots of different color yarn wove in plain weave - used for a cutting line

start the process all over again

Why you may ask did I weave these pot holders in this manner....well, I am a process person and I wanted to weave double sided potholders so that they are hefty enough to keep a person's hands from being burned while they use them.  The other reason is speed of production, yes I could weave them in a double weave pattern, but that takes way more time than I wanted to spend on the project.

I sewed the potholders together by folding them in half, making sure that the they were square.  The unfinished edges on the top and bottom of each unit was turned to the inside.  Then I stitched down both sides very close to the edge in matching thread.  Ta da, they are done.  Easy project.

On another topic, have you read the new HW magazine?  I was very disappointed, fashions...really?  Guess I am not all that interested in making baggy and boxy clothing.  Much prefer Daryl Landcaster's jackets, they are better fitted and the handwoven material she weaves is up to date and not so "old lady" looking to me.  HW is starting to lose my interest and come to think of it - it has been for some time.  Wish I could afford a VAV subscription.   Also wish Jean Scorgie's magazine came out a few more times per year, now that is a talented lady.

Okay, off my soap box and back to the loom.  

Happy weaving.


  1. I really love those "hot pads" (I'm in Virginia). I haven't seen the new HW yet but I heard it was loom shaped clothing>wasn't a good idea in the '70s and still isn't IMHO.


  2. Oh, thank goodness I am not the only one who thinks loom shaped clothing is ugly. Have to say that the clothing in the new HW is not loom shaped - at least I don't think it is. Did not read the articles in depth - waste of my time if they don't grab me on first inspection of the magazine I don't read them. Guess I am most upset that the for the most part the issue is all about fashion - not something I am all that interested in. Lately, it seems the articles in HW are not catering to the my desire for traditional types of weaving - ah, well ....

  3. I love your little hot pads, I guess I call them mug mats. but whatever, they are lovely.
    I was also disappointed in HW......BORING.

  4. Only really skinny people can wear clothing shaped like boxes. Everyone else (which is 99% of the population)should wear *tailored* clothes.

    HW is trying to be all things to all people and its not working. I actually have 3 sort of current issues that have only been glanced at and then stacked to read later. Later just doesn't seem to come!

    I miss the old Weavers magazine... now you could get your teeth into that one!

    Love the pot holders! I should give those a try...


  5. What's a VAV subscription? I haven't gotten a HW mag since the 90's--I still keep them around for inspiration. Love the potholder/hot pad design.

  6. Flyin' bobbin, VAV magazine is a Swedish weaving magazine - it is wonderful. You can get through several US sources, Joanne Hall, Glimarka USA is one of the sources


    Susan, I too really like the old Weaver's Magazine, whenever I run into them I buy them. I agree a weaver can really learn a lot from those magazines.

    Meant to ask you, do you remember where you purchased the gold color linen you used for your wonderful pot holders. I have a project in mind that I would like to use that linen in.