Friday, October 21, 2011

My Little Shop has a new name!

My Etsy shop name has been slightly changed,  decided to go with Thistle Rose Weaving.  It is shorter and hopefully easier to remember for my customers.

Today I posted a message on the front page of my shop telling customers I was moving and that the shop was closed until November 18th.  Did not want to put the shop on official etsy vacation mode because I have heard through various venues this is a very bad idea and can cut into your sales.

Here is my new shop and blog banner, thought it shows my love of country, simplicity and of course shabby chic Victorian.  

For a change of pace, I thought you guys might enjoy a shot of dear husband and myself taken this summer in the high Uintas of Utah.  Hard to believe that we have been together for 24 wonderful years.  Personally, I think my hubby is most handsome man I have ever met - just sayin'

A great shot of my dear friend Lori and myself taken while shopping last month, don't you just love our shades!

Until mid - November, be well my friends and Happy Weaving!  See you in Illinois!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Much To Do and Much Ado

Life has a way of throwing curve balls and for my family that little statement is getting to be a fact life.

We are moving from Utah and returning to northern Illinois in about a month.  Our Utah house went on the market, it sold in 10 days - thank goodness it sold quickly I did not relish the thought of staying here by myself while the hubs was in Illinois working.

For some time now I have been contemplating changing the name of my shop.  Think that the the name Thistle and Rose Handweaving is way too long.  Etsy has just sent out messages that we will be able to change our shop and user names on the 18th of October - perfect timing wouldn't you say.  I am thinking that now is the time to make some big changes to my name.

Names I am considering:

Thistle Rose Weaving
Farmwife Weaving
Prairie Girl Weaving
Martha Weaves
Prairie Weaver
Plain Weaver or Plains Weaver

Not sure what I will pick, any ideas or suggestions or help would be most appreciated.

Have 2 warps on my looms I am desperately trying to finish before the looms need to be dismantled and packed for shipping to our new home.  Pulling apart my weaving studio is not something I relish, but something I have done many times before.

I will be back on line to read and enjoy all my favorite blogs sometime in mid November or so - hopefully with a new name for myself and my etsy shop.

Sam is pretty sure he is looking forward to the farm life in Illinois.  What's not to like about chasing chickens!
Until we meet again, happy weaving