Friday, October 21, 2011

My Little Shop has a new name!

My Etsy shop name has been slightly changed,  decided to go with Thistle Rose Weaving.  It is shorter and hopefully easier to remember for my customers.

Today I posted a message on the front page of my shop telling customers I was moving and that the shop was closed until November 18th.  Did not want to put the shop on official etsy vacation mode because I have heard through various venues this is a very bad idea and can cut into your sales.

Here is my new shop and blog banner, thought it shows my love of country, simplicity and of course shabby chic Victorian.  

For a change of pace, I thought you guys might enjoy a shot of dear husband and myself taken this summer in the high Uintas of Utah.  Hard to believe that we have been together for 24 wonderful years.  Personally, I think my hubby is most handsome man I have ever met - just sayin'

A great shot of my dear friend Lori and myself taken while shopping last month, don't you just love our shades!

Until mid - November, be well my friends and Happy Weaving!  See you in Illinois!


  1. What a great picture of you two!!!! A very handsome couple, for sure.

  2. Love the new name! Similar for those looking for you but fresh and new for you. I've been admiring your inventory.... love the pinwheel!

    We will be celebrating our 26th anniversary in 4 days time and I can't believe where the time has gone. My Hub actually resembles your Hub (except for the mustache... Bruce has a full neatly shaped beard)

    We both agree... you make a handsome couple.
    We hope the move goes well...

  3. Susan & Bruce, Happy Anniversary!

    Thanks for the compliments!

    The move is starting to shape up, wish the time would fly by and we were home in Illinois already...few more weeks and we will be.

    hugs to you both, enjoy your day! - Martha

  4. Well sounds like suitable digs have been found! Great picture, such a handsome and happy looking pair you two make.
    Best of luck on the move, hope it is all easy sailing.

  5. Love the name--it isn't so different folks can't find you, and the banner is very much the things you wanted it to say. Very nice looking couple! We've been married 34 years. It is amazing how fast the time goes. Best wishes on your move. Look forward to your store "re-opening". p.s. the glasses are the best!