Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Much To Do and Much Ado

Life has a way of throwing curve balls and for my family that little statement is getting to be a fact life.

We are moving from Utah and returning to northern Illinois in about a month.  Our Utah house went on the market, it sold in 10 days - thank goodness it sold quickly I did not relish the thought of staying here by myself while the hubs was in Illinois working.

For some time now I have been contemplating changing the name of my shop.  Think that the the name Thistle and Rose Handweaving is way too long.  Etsy has just sent out messages that we will be able to change our shop and user names on the 18th of October - perfect timing wouldn't you say.  I am thinking that now is the time to make some big changes to my name.

Names I am considering:

Thistle Rose Weaving
Farmwife Weaving
Prairie Girl Weaving
Martha Weaves
Prairie Weaver
Plain Weaver or Plains Weaver

Not sure what I will pick, any ideas or suggestions or help would be most appreciated.

Have 2 warps on my looms I am desperately trying to finish before the looms need to be dismantled and packed for shipping to our new home.  Pulling apart my weaving studio is not something I relish, but something I have done many times before.

I will be back on line to read and enjoy all my favorite blogs sometime in mid November or so - hopefully with a new name for myself and my etsy shop.

Sam is pretty sure he is looking forward to the farm life in Illinois.  What's not to like about chasing chickens!
Until we meet again, happy weaving


  1. Well someone looks awfully clean, clipped and cute! Congrats on the house sale. Have you found another in IL? House hunter can be awfully fun and awfully time consuming. Hope the right one comes along at a fantastic price if it hasn't already.
    Best of luck with the move.

  2. Sam is pleased that you noticed how spiffed up he is right now, makes all his suffering at the groomer worth it. We are in the process of trying to find a little homestead on the outskirts of Peoria. Lots of rural property out that way, which makes my heart sing! Looked at one property tonight that might be it, we have one more to visit tomorrow and then it is decision time. Pet the kids for me!

  3. Hey Martha!
    Sam is *very* handsome! Miss Calli just visited the groomers about a week ago too and so what a cute pair they would make!

    So, back to Illinois huh? Wow! I hope the move goes well and you are settled in quickly (before the snow flies! :)

    As for name change... I like the "Thistle Rose Weaving" You will always be associated with those names for me!
    Alternatively : Martha Witcher Weaving

    I have seen many a Prairie..(something or other) weaving/ weaver when I've browsed around on the internet..

    If moving gets too hectic for Sam, send him over here with a small suitcase of cookies and he can stay here with Miss Calli.

    I'll send him home when you're settled.... promise! ;)

    :) Susan

  4. Just found your blog thru another weaver's blog. As a "Martha" myself, it's always hard for me to find a name I'm happy with. I've been trying to find a name for my crafts for a LONG time and haven't really found one that resonates with me. I hope you find the one that works for you. :-) Nice to meet you by the way. Safe travels and congrats on the move.
    Martha in Virginia

  5. Wow, how very calm you sound about this whole moving thing! I wish you well and will be interested to "hear" how it all goes. The name change is tricky--if you are branded with the thistle and rose bit then keeping them in the name change would be wise. It wouldn't do to lose longtime customers who look for those key words. Maybe switch them around? The Rose Thistle Weaver? I am sure you will find just what works once you have landed and are settled. But I am with Susan on avoiding the Prairie word. Happy and safe journey to you and your family.

  6. Hi Rose and Thistle hand weaving, I hope your change home was good and happy , good lucky in your new place.

  7. Welcome Silvia, thank you for your good wishes!