Friday, November 18, 2011

Home Again Home Again - Jiggity Jig!

After many trials and tribulations we have arrived at our much dreamed of country home here in rural Illinois.  I am in the midst of many unpacking boxes and crates trying to make sense of it all.  Who knew two world travelers could have accumulated so much stuff in 24 years of marriage?

Of course all the pics of the house don't want to load onto this blog site, so you all get to see a picture of myself and hubs on one of our last nights in Utah.

As soon as I am able to get pictures of my new studio I will post them.  I am having severe loom withdrawal.

I wish everyone a very Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving.

Happy Weaving


  1. missing you already. So happy for you to get the country home and glad we can continue to connect here.

  2. Well yippppeeee! We can't wait to see and so good that you've resurfaced!
    Enjoy your first holiday in the new farm.

  3. Congratulations on arriving at your new home. I am severely jealous of you with a new "studio". May you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Happy weaving!

  4. Deanna, sure would have loved to see you one last time before the big move. Now I can say I actually know an actress!

    Theresa, Happy Holiday to you also. Hug each and every four footed kid at your place for me.

    Flyin', No need to be jealous, your weaving equipment and home are lovely and you have the benefit of not having to unpack a darn thing, you lucky girl you! Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Hope the unpacking and settling in is going well for you both!

    You make such a handsome couple :)


  6. Susan, thanks - the unpacking is going along but I must admit I am sick of it.

    Thank you for the compliment, I appreciate it.


  7. I'm trying to contact you by email but it keeps bouncing back. Email me!

  8. How's the new studio coming along? Did the loom survive the move okay? We've moved the floor loom 4 times and every time it a)flummoxes the movers and b)has either had a few parts go missing. Good luck! Cheerio, Kate :)

  9. Kate, the move went well. The looms survived the move well, I always insist on packing them myself because the movers are really confused by them. So far, knock on wood all parts are here and back together. Today is the first day I get to play in my studio, hurray! A lovely fire is going in the fireplace and I am commencing to put a warp on the Thistle my Glimarka loom. Rose the Gilmore is patiently waiting for her turn to be warped and then it is off to the races for me. It is so nice to be home. Be well and happy weaving. By the way what new and exciting things are you cooking this week?