Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Homestead Studio Day One

I am proud to tell you that the entire house is unpacked, everything is in it's place.  Today is the first day I get to actually work in my new studio here in my new home.  Whew, it has been a journey and I am so glad to be back in Illinois and living on our own land.

Without further ado, may I show you around my weaving studio?

Thistle the Glimarka is being warped with my trusty warping trapeze.

Rose is sitting right next to Thistle - my beater for the Glimarka is perched on Rose's bench waiting for me to finish warping.  Love all the light I get from the french doors that look out on my soon to be paddock area.

This area is behind my weaving benches.  Holds my collections of yarn, shuttles, many weaving books and a rather large collection of books about Renaissance England.

This is the far right-hand side of the bookcase wall and is my sewing area and warping board storage  area.  One of my inspiration bulletin boards is centered inside the warping board - my husband's idea.

This little guy has been in storage for a few years, I now have room for him in my studio.  He is a rather old but very sturdy Kessenich - built way back when Kessenich looms were made in Wawatosa, WI.  Have an old warp on him that one of these days I need to weave off.  Thinking about selling this guy so I can hopefully purchase a 12 or 16 shaft table loom.

And finally, my favorite thing about my new studio - a working fireplace with a real mantle!  Love it, love it, love it.

Hope I have not bored you all to death, but I wanted to share my new studio with my fellow weavers.  I send holiday greetings and warm wishes to all.

Happy Holidays!
Happy Christmas!

Happy Weaving!


  1. Wow - what a nice space! (jealous!)


  2. Beautiful....do you like the trapeze???? Never saw one, much less used one.

  3. Beautiful space and so roomy...a wonderful place to spend time.

  4. Thank you Laura, this is really a modest home - the pictures make it look bigger.

    Hilary, I adore warping with my trapeze. Learned all about the use of a trapeze from Katie Reeder Meek's book "Warp With A Trapeze and Dance With Your Loom. The trapeze helps me to put a warp on with great ease and no tangles at all.

    Deanna, hope the great wind storm that just swept through your area last week did not cause a lot of damage to your trees or home. When can I expect to see you in another movie? :-)

  5. Congratulations on your new weaving studio! It looks wonderful. I wish you many happy weaving hours in there!

  6. Congratulations on your new work space! It is gorgeous. I love to see into the worlds of other weavers. It is inspiring.

  7. I am so happy for you! What a lovely, lovely work space. I now have to go look up "trapeze" as I have never heard of this warping tool. It sounds like a professional way to warp many threads--since I only warp a few at a time it probably is not something I would use, but am very curious about it. Have a wonderful Christmas in your new place!

  8. Helga, Alice and Jeanie, Thank you for all your kind words. I too love to view other's weaving studios - they are always interesting to see and you never know what little tid bit you can learn. Jeanie, you can use a trapeze for many or few threads, if you look at Katie R. Meeks book she will show you step by step how to use a trapeze. Very easy and very low cost, both winning outcomes for me.

  9. Lovely Studio TRW, It makes me wonder how I can improve my studio layout!

  10. Thanks Tina, funny you should say that. I just turned the Gilmarka, needed more light to see while I am weaving.

  11. Wow, you lucky lucky thing! What a fantastic studio - and all those looms! Love the cosy stove too.

    Have a great Christmas in your new house.

  12. What an amazing space! Beautiful and who wouldn't love the handsome fireplace. I hope when things settle down, we'll get the grand tour on the new house. I hope your first Christmas there is magical and there are many many more happy ones to come. To all things good in 2012 for you and yours!