Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday, 23 May - Blue Monday

Specifically, Blue Willow blue!  Just finished a round of 8 towels - woven in 2/2 twill with lovely cobalt blue stripes.  Did I mention that Blue Willow dishes are my favorite and of course cobalt blue is my all time favorite (scarlet red is a very very close second choice for favorite colors).  These towels were supposed to be woven in a pinwheel pattern but silly me forgot I needed more than 6 treadles to weave that particular pattern and when I put the warp on my 4 shaft Glimarka countermarche I could not weave pinwheels - no skeleton tie up for this kid.  RATS!  So, a quick change of tie up and off to the races I went.  Wove 6 towels in 2/2 twill with variations of the number of stripes per towel and then I finished off the warp with 2 towels in plain weave.

Here is a quick picture of one of the towels I posted in my etsy shop tonight... and yes, I am aware that the porcelain dish is not Blue Willow - but it is a nice piece I bought when we lived in Japan

Currently warping some Christmas runners, yes you read that correctly - Christmas runners - wanted something bright to work on this week.

Happy weaving!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Orange You Glad It Is Monday?

Finally finished my waffle weave towels last week.  They have been washed, dried and hemmed and posted in my etsy shop.  I was a bit surprised that they didn't "waffle" as much as I had expected.  I used a 5 shaft waffle weave pattern thinking that structure would be sound for kitchen towels.  The warp was 8/2 bleached cotton and the weft was some left over 8/2 cotton I had in my stash in various colors of orange and yellow.  The towels are cheerful and will be nice and thirsty for use in the kitchen.  Just wish they had a bit deeper cell - more waffly if you understand my gist.

This towel was done with the same bleach 8/2 cotton for both warp and weft - it seems a bit more waffly.

This yellow towel was done with left over 8/2 cotton from my last weaving project - not as waffly.

This fun orange towel, the warp is also left over 8/2 cotton from my stash.  Note it really did not waffle at all.  I like the look of the pattern, sort of looks like little flowers don't you think.

This week I am working on white and blue 2/2 twill towels for the shop.   Hopefully, I will get them finished up this week and will have something to show you next week.

Until, next week - Happy Weaving!

Monday, May 9, 2011

May 9th - Is It Monday Already?

Oh my has time been flying around here.  My sweet husband and I spent the last three days working on  back yard projects (have I mentioned that I dislike yard work).  We are installing a large garden area with built in sprinklers.  Of course Murphy's law dictated that the sprinkler system must break while the garden bed is being tilled with a very expensive rented tiller!  Poor Mike spent many hours literally up to his armpits in mud replacing broken parts and installing new sprinkler heads so that our garden won't die from thirst this summer.  We are building long raised bed garden boxes with grass in between each box, that way I can sit on my new rolling garden cart and weed the boxes without a whole lot of bending involved - which is really neat.  Thanks honey!  We also ripped out the old garden area in the front of our house and installed landscape fabric and a full yard of washed river rock.  Mike again did the majority of the labor, lots of wheel barrels of very heavy rock went into the new front garden - it looks fantastic!

On the weaving front, again nothing new to report I am ashamed to say.  Between the yard work and  trying to register online with the state so that I can pay any sales tax I might make on line, I have been too busy to weave.  This situation will be remedied this week, back to the loom I go.

In my etsy shop I have several baby bibs, none of which are selling.  I reshot all the pictures for the bibs last week thinking the new shots will help buyers see how cute the bibs are.  So far still no buyers...

Like the butterflies and the tulips on these bibs.

The little bunnies were a lot of fun to weave!

I am off to get busy on my looms, Happy weaving!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Monday, May 2, 2011

Good Morning Friends,

Today I am running around like crazy and not getting much accomplished!   Spring is in the air around here and we are planning our garden and yard work for the next few weeks.  The waffle weave towels from last week are still on the loom, so I have nothing to report in that area - yet.

 Three of my weaving pieces came back home from a fiber show my weaving guild held last month.  I won an award from Handwoven Magazine - which I have to admit shocked me!  So nice to be acknowledged for my weaving, it means a whole lot me.  The award was given to me for a table runner I had submitted for judging.
Below you can see a just how helpful Sam has been this week.  Every time I sit down to work on the waffle weave towels that are on my Gilmore Loom, Sam decides it is prime time for petting.  Ah, the life of a Sheepie!  Enjoy your week.  Oh - before I forget I have to put in a huge round of applause ----  Job Well Done Navy Seals!