Sunday, January 15, 2012

Roses and Hearts

Lest you think I have been ignoring my looms - may I present 3 table runners and the very beginning of a towel warp.

First up are the table runners.  As you can see they are fresh out of the washer and dryer and have yet to be ironed, hemmed and finished.

On runner number one I used Jaggerspun merino wool as the weft, it is a dark burgundy color I really like.

Runner number two's weft is a 5/2 mercerized cotton in colonial blue.

Runner number three's weft is a blend of bright red merino, silk and sterling silver.  Not sure if you can actually see the silver glints in the photo, in person they show up beautifully.

Here is a closer shot of the merino, silk and silver blend - hopefully you can just see the silver glints in the yarn.

Currently I am working on these towels for a custom order request.  Decided to weave them in white cotlin with a dark red mercerized cotton as pattern weft.  Summer and winter is always fun to weave and it goes quite fast.

Close up of the summer and winter heart pattern.  The background is actually a pure white, not sure why the camera makes is took so yellowish.  Found the pattern in HW it is a 8 shaft pattern, had to make a correction to the draft - shaft number 7 was not shown correctly on the draw down - I made a correction and now everything is weaving the way it should.

Winter is finally upon us here at our little homestead and we are enjoying the snow.  We are keeping busy with painting and remodeling in our new house and are looking forward to spring getting here.  I have big plans for a huge garden and my very first chicken coop.  Along with all these plans we are hoping to start a vineyard and hopefully find the time to build a fence around our pastures so I can either aquire some sheep or possibly some alpaca.  Lots of things going on around here - got to love it.

Happy Weaving!


  1. These runners are STUNNING, Martha! You could write the book on overshot!

    Kate :)

  2. Great looking projects!!! Love the hearts! I would love to make these! You have the greatest tastes! What issue did you find this heart pattern in?

  3. Just gorgeous runners. They are really beautiful. I like your plans for spring. Chickens are so interesting, let me tell you! The best part are the eggs as once you eat a "home grown" egg you won't want any other kind. They are great for baking, too. Sheep, gardens, vineyards----you are going to be pretty busy!

  4. Amanda, the summer winter pattern I used can be found in the Nov/Dec 1987 issue of HW. Think I also have seen it reprinted in the HW Top 10 towels on 8 shafts booklet. Easy pattern, fun to weave - Enjoy!

  5. Oh thank you for the update. I might even have that issue kicking around. Changes made to shaft 7?
    The weaving looks spectacular. What beautiful runners all of them. You have been busy. Stay warm while you do the winter part of S&W weaving! ;)

  6. Martha,
    I keep trying to answer your questions about the Julia loom and the e-mail keeps getting returned as undeliverable!