Friday, March 2, 2012

Customers Are Keeping Me Busy

Just finished weaving 10 potholders for my etsy shop.  I had a past customer ask if I would weave this particular pattern with a dark brown background for her - of course I just had to comply with her wishes.   I have woven this particular overshot pattern several times and like that I can vary the look of the finished product by varying the treadling and of course by varying what yarns I use.  Here is the rose treadling version of the pot holders.  For those of you who are wondering -- the pattern can be found in HW.  I did change a few of the details so that finished product is more to my liking.

Not sure if the general public can tell the difference between the two patterns, but I do like them both.  Below is the star treadling of the pattern.   Forgot I had this particular pitcher, it is hand made by a potter in Atsugi, Japan.  Picked it up when we lived overseas.  It has the best texture in the glaze, kind of rough and pebbly.

When I was putting the Japanese pottery pitcher away in my Hoosier Cabinet I thought you might like to see my Swedish Christmas cookie -- it hangs from the cabinet door latch.  This particular cookie has been hanging on the latch for over 3 years, which means it has survived 3 different long distance moves! No, I have not done anything to preserve the cookie, she is just your average ginger spice Swedish Cookie.  Have to admit I really do like her.  

  Must not forget to show you my last big custom order.  These towels were woven in cotlin and linen for customer out east.  Found out while I was  talking to my customer that these towels are to be used by the clergy of an Orthodox church during celebration of mass.   That information made me nervous, everything had to be perfect!  Have to admit to you my fellow weavers I was not pleased to have to fringe these towels, however that is what my customer I complied.  Because you and I both know that the fringe will never last the test of time I wove another set of these towels with hemmed edges and gifted them to the church.  That way I can sleep at night and not worry that all the hard work that went into these towels won't be wasted.

Because the original request for the "church towels" was for 2 towels, I warped an extra few yards so that I could weave a few towels for my etsy shop.  The resulting towels below have a wonderful variegated Belgium linen for the pattern border.  Think the towels are very classic and traditional looking don't you.

Enough rambling, I need to go and get busy working another order.  Stay warm out there my friends.

Happy Weaving!


  1. Fringed edges are the best! They are my favorites and I find that they're sturdier than most people think! I made some placemats and used them continuously for the last year and a half, washing them every week (That's like 75 washings!!!) and I'm impressed that the fringe has survived just fine. I'm sure your towels will be just fine, too! They are very beautiful, by the way, and so are the potholders.

  2. Oh my word, those towels are gorgeous! Love the pattern and yes so perfectly classic. Look at that beautiful fringe. I know it won't last and what a fine gift to do two hemmed ones also, but the fringe really was done beautifully. Nice potholders too. Good colors and great patterns!

  3. Oh my gosh, your work is absolutely gorgeous! Your towel story is wonderful. I bet the fringe will last a bit as the towels shouldn't get hard washing, should they? I just love your cookie. And your work!