Thursday, March 8, 2012

Making "Lemonade"

What do you do when a project from your loom does not exactly work out as you planned?  Why you make "lemonade" of course - or maybe I should say adapt and overcome.

Had a warp of cotlin on the loom warped for a customer's special request - she wanted me to weave a few more towels for her church using an overall overshot pattern.  These towels were to be smaller than I normally weave.   Having worked with this particular yarn and this overshot pattern many many times I felt safe not doing a test sample.  Yes, you guessed it I paid the price.  The towels are way smaller after wet finishing than I like.  Rats!  Waiting to see if the customer will be interested in these towels or not.  I have decided that if she decides not to purchase them I am going to gift them to her church anyway.

Used the rest of this short towel warp to weave what I was thinking were going to be fingertip towels.  Hah, the best laid plans of weavers who don't sample....  After wet finishing these particular towels they are way too small to be considered a towel.  Hmmmm what to do.  After considering and pondering I decided to create ta dah.... complexion wash cloths.    How is that for creativity?  I ran into this type of wash cloth while several years ago, they are very popular in Europe and England so I figured why not try it out.

I present my lemonade solution to my problem of too short towels...

For the overshot portion of the wash cloths I used up some of the various bobbins of yarn I have in my studio from other projects.  Waste not ... want not as my Grandmother taught me.  

Speaking of waste not want not while working on finishing the above projects I decided to pull off a warp of towels that have been sitting on my table loom for the last 3 years.   Found three nice size towels and a portion of a fourth sitting on this little loom.  Tried to salvage the rest of the warp but after two long distance moves it was not worth the effort.  Think the towels are okay, not sure what possessed me to use purple as the weft!  Must have had some sale yarn, can't remember.

Off to go and find a new project to weave.  

Happy Weaving!


  1. Small or not, they are lovely Martha! You have overshot nailed down beautifully!
    I would also like to compliment you on your ironing as well... now, there's a lost art!

    Your grandmother would be proud...

    Hugs, Susan

  2. Well I love lemonade and I love what you did with the warp too. Brilliant
    and beautiful. Good things come in smaller packages too. ;)

  3. You are one creative weaver! I love the idea of the wash cloths. So clever.

  4. Susan, thank you for your compliments. Ironing I detest ironing...but with 25 years of ironing military uniforms behind me I guess I have gotten a lot of practice.

    Theresa and Flyin' - thanks!

    Update - customer was thrilled with the little overshot towels - seems I can never second guess what someone will like.