Monday, April 9, 2012

Looking For Light In All The Wrong Places

A few days ago I read on Lynette's blog that she was starting some seedlings for her garden in her master bath.  I had to laugh because it seems she and I had the same idea.  While looking all over my house for an out of the way place that has enough natural sunlight to grow seedlings I decided that our master bath met that very criteria.

 Trying to make the most of every beam of sunlight I covered a large piece of board with foil hoping that will help sunbeams reflect on the plants.  The foil covered board is sitting on top of one of my weaving benches and the whole contraption is sitting in our whirl pool bathtub.  Now that is what I call making do!

In our kitchen are some more plants for my herb garden.  Now I ask you, what kitchen window sill doesn't have seedlings growing on it this time of year?

Instead of weaving today I am going out to explore the local area antique shops.  Have been hoping to find a treadle sewing machine cabinet that is in good shape and of course doesn't cost me an arm and a leg.  

Enjoy these warm spring days and as always---
Happy Weaving!


  1. Well, um, I don't have an seedlings started. ;) Of course if we get any sunlight it seems to be such a fleeting thing right now. But I am certainly enjoying see your sunlight! Good luck with the search. Have you been keeping an eye on craigslist too?

  2. I love your seed spaces! I have my seeds started, also. I use an old guinea pig cage that is just an open wire cage (about waist high) and I put a shoplight right over the top of the flats which I raise as the plants grow. I also have a few in a dry sink with a little light over them. Hopefully May will be warm enough to put them all out in my little greenhouse. How do you juggle your fiber arts with Springtime?!

  3. Jeanie, a guinea pig cage - that is a great idea for starting your seeds. I have been thinking that next year I should probably get a shop light to hang over my seedlings. You asked how I juggle my fiber addictions with chores - chores always come first and everything else follows. I do try to set aside one day just to work in my weaving studio - doesn't always happen but I do try.