Friday, May 4, 2012

Different "Treadlings" For Different Folks

Finally got around to weaving the checkered stripes towel that many weavers have been weaving lately.  As usual I didn't like what everyone else is doing, don't get me wrong the towels are pretty but they just aren't my thing I guess.  Ended up weaving two towels on this warp and cutting the rest off the loom.  Yes, it was wasteful but if I don't like a project I just can't make myself sit at the loom and weave.  I have to be engaged and looking forward to every pick of a project to make the time I put in at the loom "worth it".  This project turned out nicely, but it just isn't my kind of weaving.

Next up are some E. Worst Linen towels I have long been wanting to weave up.  Put a nice long warp of natural cotlin on the Gilmore and played for several days.  Now this is my idea of fun.  Think the pattern below looks somewhat like lace flowers - don't you?

Played around with the treadles a bit and decided I love the look of the lattice in the towel below.  Ended up weaving 3 in this color combination of cotlin and 1 more in a cocoa brown version.

This is the cocoa brown version, I think the darker color weft makes the towel look softer.  Same yarn just different colors sure can make an impact on the finished look of a towel.

The final towel was a lot of fun and an exercise in making my limited supply of natural cotlin yarn go as far as possible.  Played with the treadles a bit and came up with this version.

Spring has finally decided to show up here in central Illinois with some much needed rain.  This weekend I plan on working in the big garden and getting some gifted heirloom roses planted in the yard.  Roses are not something I have ever been good at growing but I have been reassured that I will have no problems with these....time will tell I guess.

Happy Weaving!


  1. I know exactly what you mean about needing to like what you have on the loom! It is no fun to force yourself to weave for any length of time. I love the variations in your towels! It always amazes me how much changing the treadling and/or weft can make a whole new project. I like the last design very much.
    You should do well with heirloom roses as they are not grafted so usually get through the winters in better shape. Happy Spring!

  2. Gorgeous! I love experimenting with treadlings. Love your color choices. I have to agree that some projects are lost causes from the git-go. Better to cut one's losses, literally. :)

  3. Flyin' - Happy to report the roses are in the ground and Mother Nature was kind enough to rain right after I was finished planting.

    Leigh - Thank you for your kind words. Pet the kids for me!