Thursday, June 28, 2012

The "Eyes" Have It

Currently working on a brand-new warp on my Gilmore loom it is a ruby and black 8/2 tencel pirate sash.

I was a bit startled to realize when I used white cotton yarn to spread the warp it looked some what like human eyes staring back at me.  The fact that I am weaving a pirate sash to be worn by a dear friend who does reenactment as a pirate captain made me think of Cap'n Jack Sparrow and the eyes he had painted on his face in one of the Disney pirate movies.  The whole thing is kind of weird don't you think?

Update on our tomato garden, with all the humidity, heat and sunshine around here the tomatoes are leaping skyward.  Mind you, the tomato cages are almost 4 feet tall and the plants are already 2 feet tall, that my dear friends is very fast growth for this time of year.  We have a ton of little green tomatoes on every plant which I have to tell you makes me a happy lady.  Canning season is fast approaching, ketchup, salsa, tomato paste, tomato sauce, pizza sauce, spagetti sauce, chili sauce... pretty sure I am forgetting some type of sauce.

My beloved SamWise Gamgee trying to stay as cool as possible on this hellish hot day.  Air conditioning and cool tile in the basement make for one happy boy.  We are supposed to top out at 100 degrees today.  Heat waves, I detest them and as you can see so does Sammy boy.

Hope everyone is staying cool.  Happy Weaving!


  1. I love your pirate sash! Do you like your Gilmore? Long before I ever had a loom of my own I wanted a Gilmore, but it never happened. Your tomatoes are impressive. Ours aren't even flowering yet! Your dog looks like he has the right idea.

  2. I like that weave! It's very catching and intricate looking. What pattern is it?

  3. Flyin' - Yes, I adore my Gilmore. She is an 8 shaft model I ordered from them over 8 years ago. She is easy to warp and comfortable to weave on. The only thing I don't like is tying up the treadles (honestly, I don't like tying treadles on any loom). The heat wave is really hard on my gardens this year, but the tomatoes are holding there own.

    Amada - In the picture you only see part of the complete pattern. When the sash is completed I will post of picture of it. The pattern reminds me of a byzantine cross. I did a modified version of a snowflake pattern for my draft.

  4. Wow! Your weaving looks amazing :) I am very jealous of other people's looms!
    I am also jealous of your tomatoes...the rubbish summer here in the UK has meant I will probably be making green tomato chutney as I don't think they are going to ripen - would you like some of our rain?

  5. Just found you and your blog. Your weaving is BEAUUUUTIFUL! I'm hopping over to your etsy shop now. :)

  6. Oh Martha, How did I miss this update! Love the pattern. Reminds me of one of scarves in Interweave's "Twill Thrills ".

    I can so relate to Samwise. We're just getting our first real heat this summer. The kids that need it are clippered down like Sam, but no A/C here I'm sorry to report. Of course I'd want it on as soon as it hit 75 out..
    Stay cool yourself. Here's hoping a real break in the weather finds you and Sam.

  7. Jenny, welcome and thank you for your compliments!

    Theresa, I totally understand wanting the AC on when it hits 75 degrees outside. I really do try and refrain from turning it on until the temps hit 80+. I admit it --- I am a heat wimp.

    You have a good eye, the pattern I am using is a variation of a pattern from Twills and Thrills and also can be found in Davidson's book. I changed some of the threading repeats and the treadling to fit my design criteria. Pet all your kids for me and stay cool.