Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Saddle Blankets & Wool Rug

Stash busting has been a theme in many weaver's blogs lately and of course it occurred to me that I have a stash of Harrisville Shetland wool that has been hanging around the studio for a while now.

Two of my dear friends are taking horse back riding lessons right now and I thought it might be nice for them to have saddle blankets of their very own.  Off to my stash I went in search of materials to weave up some surprise saddle blankets.

The color of the blankets are a very light silvery grey with a bit of lavender highlighting the wool. Shetland wool is lovely to weave with and will hold up well to the stress of horse sweat, leather friction and heat.

Using all wool in the construction of these saddle blankets will ensure a long useful life.  I used Navajo blanket warp in this project.  Navajo warp is made with churro wool which is coarse and kind of prickly to the touch and has great longevity.

Each saddle blanket was woven with a 3/1 twill pattern using doubled weft threads in each pick.  It was important to me that the saddle blankets were thick and comfortable for the horse.

Plan on putting the blankets in the mail this afternoon.  Hope my friends will be pleasantly surprised with their gift saddle blankets.  I always enjoy giving presents that are not expected.

Next up is an all wool rug I wove with the same Navajo warp and more of the Harrisville Shetland wool.

The Overshot pattern was done with a dark teal grey shetland wool.  Think the rug turned out great.  It is functional, lays flat and is sort of fun to look at.

Here is a shot of the front and back together.  I can never decide which side I like the best.

Happy Weaving!


  1. What HANDSOME blankets! I can just imagine the excitement and surprise your riding friends will have upon opening such a lovely and thought for present. Beautiful rug too, almost too pretty to walk on that's for sure. Maybe a bench rug??? :)

  2. Love the saddle blankets........where do you buy the Navajo warp??

  3. Wow! Everything you have woven looks wonderful :) I love the saddle blankets, and I bet your friends will love them x x

  4. The blankets are wonderful! And I love the "rug". Who is going to walk on it??? Did you find that changing to a bulky warp/weft was a shock to the system? Many less EPI to set up.

  5. Theresa, thanks for the compliments! I sure hope my friends like their surprise gifts. Bench rug, I had not thought of that...good idea.

    Hilary, Navajo rug warp is available from Old Mill Yarn in Eaton Rapids, MI and from Yarn Barn. I buy the 1 pound cones.

    Sarah, thank you

    Flyin, I hope whoever buys the rug now that I have listed it for sale in my etsy shop will use it on their floor or wherever they wish. Yes it was a huge shock to the weaving system to use such giant sized yarns. I did love how quick the warp went on the loom and how fast everything wove up. What I did not like about the project was the endless twining to but all the ends back into the pattern of the blanket- took me over 2 days of work to finish the blankets properly.

  6. I love the saddle blankets. Beautiful! The double wefts were a great idea. I love twill anyway.