Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Fair Friends

Three Amigos!

This picture was taken last Saturday at Bristol Renaissance Fair.   My dear friend Anita is sitting with my husband and myself on the brick wall outside of the Friends of Fair garden at Bristol Renaissance Fair in Wisconsin.  Contrary to our smiles, it was HOT and HUMID and we are all suffering from the heat and dust.  Well, it looks like Mike might not be suffering all that much he does have a cool mug of beer in his hand (not to mention two ladies cuddled up next to him).

For those of you who might be interested I am wearing a pair of bodies or what a modern lady would call her corset.  The corset is boned with steel boning and has a hand made oak busk running up the front of it for support.  Before you ask, yes it is comfortable to wear.  When corsets are correctly fitted they very comfortable and fit almost like a second skin.   Just about everything you see I designed and sewed for our visit to Bristol.  Think the only things I did not sew are Mike's leather vest, pirate boots, my belt, Irish dance gillies and straw hat.  

When last I posted I was off to sew a corset in some lovely red silk my dear sister sent me from India.  Alas, the silk shattered when I attempted to cut and iron the fabric.  My only guess is that that particular piece of silk must have been fairly old for it to have behaved in that manner.   What a loss, the fabric was the most beautiful shade of scarlet red.  

 My heart broke when I realized the silk was not going to work out for my project.  But, being on a short leash I needed to get something together quickly for our upcoming weekend visit to fair.  Out came the fabric stash and a few hours later I had new plaid bloomers with genuine Irish lace trim, a new new pair of bodies and a red plaid skirt to tuck up into my leather belt.  Mike's linen shirt and breeches were sewn by me a few years ago, so he was good to go as they say.  You can almost see the brand new pirate sash I wove for him a few weeks ago draping down near his pewter mug in picture.

All in all we had a splendid time visiting with friends at fair in spite of the terribly hot conditions.  


  1. Thats amazing Martha! I don't sew but I can use a safety pin and a stapler which is how I alter most of my clothes. Looks like fun was had by you and your mates

  2. Oh what fun! I haven't been to a ren fair since I lived in Texas and it was hot there too. Did you guys get the Yea old turkey leg? The costuming is lovely. Nice job.

  3. Donna - I loved your comment about safety pins and staplers.

    Theresa - No turkey legs for me this visit. Understand the fair in Texas is a great one to attend, we have friends who have attended there and loved it.

  4. What fun! It looks like you recovered from the disappointment of the silk. I love the "bodies"!