Friday, August 31, 2012

Rainbows & Roses

Shetland wool color gamp throw - itchy but colorful

Outside, direct sunlight

After all these years I finally got around to weaving a color gamp.  Decided to weave the Harrisville wool color gamp kit that is available from Yarn Barn.   It will probably be no surprise to anyone that I did not follow the kit directions.  

The directions stated you were to weave the throw using plain weave --  me being me decided that I liked a broken twill pattern much better.   I knew that if I used plain weave the boredom factor would set in quickly and a dog on the loom was waiting to happen.  

The kit wove up quickly which is a good thing as I was getting impatient to see how the throw would look after wet finishing.   Wow, the wool yarn really blooms and does become somewhat softer after a trip through water-- well as soft as shetland wool is ever going to be.  Itchy!  Scratchy!

It surprises me how different the colors of the wool look when they are photographed in the direct sunlight as compared to the interior shot taken in my home. Glad I wove the gamp but it was not really my cup of tea - not enough patterning to keep me occupied.

Shetland wool color gamp throw - 

Inside, indirect light

In the studio I have been busy preparing warps for the upcoming holiday season.
A Christmas project on the big loom with 8 yards of green, white and a cheerful red to keeps me busy.

These lovely roses were delivered to the house 2 days ago and I have to admit they stole my breath away for a moment.  We are celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary -- both of us are wondering how the years flew by so fast!    Wondering what the next 25 years will bring us.    

With summer coming to a close and fall fast approaching I am looking forward to cooler temps and more time inside the house so I can weave.   I have been doing a bit of contemplation and have come to the conclusion that I should give the local weaving guild another try - coming out of my introvert shell will be good for me and I am sure I will meet some interesting weavers.

Until next time -- Happy Weaving!


  1. Lovely flowers - congrats on the anniversary.

  2. Congratulations on your 25 years together! That's a real milestone... (we have our 27th coming up in Oct)

    The colour gamp looks wonderful! Its a bit sad that its too scratchy. Just thinking out loud here but what if you were to line one side with a soft fabric so it could used near skin and be toasty warm?

    I like more complex patterns too as its much more stimulating to work on.

    Hugs, Susan

  3. Happy, happy 25th! What beautiful roses as is your color gamp. Sounds like it has been a colorful fun week for you both!

  4. Sorry your gamp is scratchy--that is one plus with spinning one's own wool yarn---never scratchy! I did a gamp in cotton from Halcyon Yarns and it was so interesting to see the colors interact. Congrats on the 25th--we just did 35. Don't know how the years can fly so quickly.

  5. Thanks everyone for all your good wishes!