Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Support Your Fellow Weaver

Sometimes the siren call of hand woven textiles call me and I can't resist.  I think that siren call is heard by all hand weavers.  On Etsy I have many favorite weavers whose work I follow.  Occasionally when my shop is doing well and I have a bit of extra income to spend I look at what my fellow weavers have been making and I spread the love as they say.

Today, I would like to share some of the wonderful items I have purchased from some fellow weavers.

Isn't this a wonderful hand woven tea pot cozy?  I just love the pattern, I love the linen yarn choice, I love the color palate -- yep, I love it all.   The fabric for this cozy was woven by Janice Jones, her shop on Etsy is Handwoven Home -- www.HandwovenHome.etsy.com  I have long admired Janice's weaving, she tends to use traditional weaving patterns and offers some really lovely items for sale in her shop.

The fabric for this awesome purse is hand woven by Roxanne Brown, her shop on Etsy offers some really cute handwoven purses.  I love the interior of the purse almost as much as the exterior.  The rust color silk really sets off the rust and purple hues of the exterior hand woven fabric.   Roxanne works hard to produce one of a kind purses, the high quality of weaving and sewing are evident in the finished product.


My newest find is this handwoven scarf from Weaverville Woolens.   I wish you could feel how soft my new scarf is, the weaving is impeccable.  Simple perfection.  Diane and I did a little horse trading, I traded her 6 hand woven napkins from my Etsy shop for this lovely scarf.  Personally, I think I got the best part of the deal, wouldn't you agree?


This is probably the only hand woven piece of jewelry I own.  Love the fact that it is woven in twill and is my favorite color combination of navy blue and white.  Kate Kilgus the Nutfield Weaver made made this brooch with some of her hand woven fabric.  Kate is a multi talented weaver who not only weaves wonderful textiles she also makes some fantastic rustic wedding pew decorations and flower girl baskets.

You can check out her shop at www.NutfieldWeaver.etsy.com

Yes, I do believe in supporting my fellow weavers and I hope you will get out there and spread the love at your favorite weavers shop.

Until next time -- Happy Weaving!


  1. Martha, what a lovely gesture. I am very grateful for the feature and to have my work included among items prepared by some very talented weavers! Happy Fall to all of you. Be well, Kate K. :)

  2. It is always an honor when another weaver purchases my work. Then to have her blog about it... icing on the cake! Thanks so much, Martha! Very generous!

  3. What wonderful handwovens, I'll have to check out everyone's shops - that tea cozy is so sweet!

  4. Oh Martha, your generosity is as wonderful as your weavings. I am honored that my scarf will be a part of your life. Thank you so much for including me with this tribute for those of us who look forward each day to sitting at our looms and weaving...celebrating a timeless tradition. Diane

  5. Martha, I'm heading over to those shops right after I finish this. That tea cozy just is just wonderful. I need to buy a teapot just so I can get one!

  6. What lovely pieces. The tea cozy idea is brilliant.

  7. Martha. That is so cool! I too love to support those I admire but in the soap business of course. It also teaches me how to make better soap. A win win situation for sure.