Thursday, September 20, 2012


Nope, not a green a yellow basket - think Christmas red and green.  For once I am ahead of the game - the Etsy game.  After a whole lot of weaving I finished the fabric for 7 handwoven baskets, one lovely hand towel and two coasters.

The baskets turned out nicely I am pleased to report.  The plastic needle point canvas I used to make the basket guts was very easy to work with.  Used my handy dandy fringe twister to make the cords for each corner of the basket - it took a while to make enough cord but I like how they turned out.  Each basket has a red, green and white plaid interior with a green striped back.  They will be wonderful for filling with Christmas cookies, cards or ornaments.  The best part is that you can untie the corners and store the basket flat until the next holiday season.

The set of two coasters I made with the leftover fabric pieces are pictured above.  Seems a lot of weavers call these things mug rugs, I am not fond of that moniker and choose to call them by the old-fashioned term - coasters.  Super easy to make I used two pieces of my handwoven fabric, stitched around the main plaid pattern, cut a one inch boarder and pulled out the yarn bits and wa-lah - instant coasters.

Used the tail end of the warp to squeek out on nice towel.  I don't work with 5/2 cotton very often and it sure did surprise me at how fast this towel wove up.  Wet finished, hems sewn a hard press and ta-dah - one Christmas towel for the kitchen or bath.  Now that is what I call using each and every bit of the warp!  

On to other Christmas projects.

Happy Weaving


  1. Oh how pretty! And Christmasy. What a great idea those baskets are and using the plastic needlepoint canvas. Brilliant!