Thursday, September 27, 2012

Weaving For My Shop

I am pleased with myself today, actually got a head start on my weaving for Christmas.   Altered the rosepath star pattern slightly from the original pattern I found in the 8 shaft pattern book.  My version has tighter looking star points and a decorative middle part between the stars.  Love the red and white towels they are crisp and fresh looking.  The blue glass ornament was a gift from some good friends, they know I collect hand blown cobalt blue ornaments.  I just adore it and can hardly wait to hang it on our tree this year.

Never wanting to waste any warp I squeeked out this little finger tip towel.  The green stripes help to highlight the red stars.  The hand blown cobalt blue ornament was gifted to me by a dear friend this summer, she keeps me supplied with the most beautiful hand made glass you can imagine.

Never weave when you are tired or you end up with something like this....note there are no red stars woven on the border.  There is no border at all, what was I thinking?  Discovered I had not woven any border on this towel when I cut the warp off the loom.  Not wanting to waste a perfectly nice cotlin towel I pulled out some of my Irish cluney lace and added it to the edge.  I think it kind of looks like a traditional hand towel circa 1890's or so.  

My girls are almost all grown up.  Not sure if the white chicken in front is a girl or a boy - we are leaning towards boy because it looks so much different than the other girls.  Out of 10 chicks who arrived here on the 21st of May these girls are all that have survived the terrible heat waves we had this summer.  Expect to start seeing our very first eggs any day now.  Also have 6 new chicks in the brooder, they arrived on Tuesday.  Sure hope they survive to adult hood so we can add them to our mix.

Need to get back to the loom I have a project that needs to be started and off the loom quickly.  

Happy weaving!


  1. I think those towels are gorgeous! I love, love, love the red and white ones. Which pattern did you modify? Clever of you to save that towel with lace. I think it's just perfect.

  2. Hi Theresa, you can find the pattern in Strickler's 8 shaft pattern book on page 32. I was glad I had the lace to add to the towel border.

  3. I love your towels and the "save" with the lace is especially beautiful. You will know if your white chicken is a cockeral soon enough at this point in the game as he will try to start crowing and will begin growing spurs. The crowing is really funny as they are like teen boys whose voices are changing! Eventually they get it right.

  4. Jeanie, thanks for the information about roosters we will be listening to hear the tune up crowing of our little guy/girl. Hope your fall weather is as fine as ours has been, after the heat waves of this summer it is wonderful to have nice weather for a change.

  5. I hear you about not wanting to waste a bit of warp. And such Christmasy offerings! White chicken does kinda look like a rooster.

  6. Hey blog friend. I mentioned you and your beautiful work on my blog again today. Nothing makes my soap look so good as your amazing woven towels!