Monday, October 29, 2012

Growing a homestead

Yet another version our redone barnette!  Note that Sam is wondering just what his Mom is doing.  Actually I am demonstrating where my dear friend Cherry has enough space to paint a barn quilt onto our new siding.

The large white chicken with the Phillis Diller hair is Weenut who has decided to learn to crow this week.  Did you know that teenage boys no matter the species all have voices that crack when they are trying to crow?  The black jersey giant is Peck, she is a quiet and gentle lady who doesn't seem to mind when I pick her up.  The ginger colored gal is Cinnamon, she doesn't really cluck it sounds more like she might be a squeek toy.  

Our newest chicks are 5 weeks old today.  Closest to you is our new black jersey giant her name is Henny Penny and she is a worry-wart!  Next in line are our two new barred rock girls, Wilma and Betty - quiet little girls.  The two light feathered girls are Buff Orpintons, Thelma and Louise - both of whom are trouble makers.  Last and biggest of them all is our barred rock boy, Guido.

A better shot of Guido, doesn't it look like he is asking you "Wha 'cha lookin' at buddy?  He is a big guy who seems to tolerate me up to a point.  It appears he will be a good protector of his little flock.  Now the question is will he and Weenut be able to live peacefully together - time will tell.

No weaving to report on at this moment, but I am working on warping a few new things.

Happy weaving!


  1. I love your chickens! I have the barred rock and buff orpingtons, also. I'd really like to do a Black Jersey next time I get a chance to do chicks. I am going to pay close attention to how yours works for you. And you are so right about the teen boys!! Isn't the rooster equivilant hysterical???

  2. Oh, I am green with envy that you will get a barn quilt done. How exciting. Cute chicken shots. Some handsome birds there!

  3. Flyin' - the mature black jersey giant we have is a gentle and quiet bird, very nice to be around, we are still waiting for her to start laying.

    Theresa - I have always wanted a barn quilt lucky for me my dear friend is a quilter and barn lover all rolled into one. Probably have to wait until spring to paint the barn quilt it is getting too cold around here.

  4. A barn quilt? That sure is new and unique! :-) Well, I think it is only fitting to cover the newly-painted siding with a beautiful handmade quilt. But I do love the color used on the siding. Dark red will definitely make this barnette a standout. You can even spot it from a mile away!

  5. Danielle, the barn quilt will actually be painted on a board and then mounted to the barnette. My dear friend (who is a skilled quilter) is working on the "quilt" right now - not sure what quilt pattern she will choose but it is sure to be beautiful.