Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tired but happy...

Between the rain and the howling winds blowing everything to smitherines for the last week or so I am happy to report that our mini barn rehabilitation is just about finished.  Starting with the fresh new wooden barn siding we struggled to install as mother nature conspired to blow us over each time we went to install a piece on the barn.

Next up was the red barn paint, we decided to roll the paint on...not a great idea so off to the store to buy a spray paint applicator...not a cheap invention let me tell you but it did a bang up job.

Miles and miles of 1 x 4 pine board trim that I had to paint with white barn paint not once but twice on each and every mile of the board.  Measuring, cutting and installing the white board trim all around the barn, which really looks sharp now that it is installed.

Mike installed two new windows on both sides of the coop area we are building into the the barn.  Three quarters of the barn will be used to store gardening implements, tillers, outdoor furniture, etc. while the remaining third will be my new improved and much larger chicken coop.  Next up will be the pop door installation, finishing the nest boxes in the interior of the coop and installing the outdoor run area.  After that we install our three maturing birds and pop the six little chicks I have growing in the brooder into the mix and wah - la we have egg production (well, eventually we have egg production).

Before I forget, notice my cool muck boots they are the best invention since sliced bread!  Although my muckers are not nearly as cute as Donna's a blogging friend of mine (I want hers, they are way cuter).  Check out Donna's at:  http://midlifefarmwife.blogspot.com/2012/10/boot-wellington-please.html

In the weaving studio I have been busy getting my act in gear by weaving, finishing and listing my efforts for the upcoming Christmas buying season.

Love the red snowflake pattern on this towel.

A slightly different version of the red snowflake towel.

One of kind Summer and Winter quilt pattern on a finger-tip towel.

Last on the list but first in my heart, is a table runner woven with a red background and bright white trees and snowflakes.  

With the holidays fast approaching it is high time I get busy and figure out what to weave for friends and family.

Happy weaving!


  1. Oh, you have been one busy girl! But it feels good to get a major project done ..

    And your Christmas themed weaving is simply beautiful. Someone's gong to be very happy to unwrap one of those!


  2. Thanks for the shout back to my blog! I also have the insulated muck boots for winter. Thye are so warm and comfy but they get so hot thus the reason for the thinner, cuter Wellies!

    Love that table runner. So beautiful

  3. Amy, welcome to my blog and thank you for your compliments.

    Susan, Yes I have indeed been busy - I am always flattered when you a master weaver compliments my work, thank you dear lady.

    Donna, think I need to get some of those thinner and way cuter wellies!

  4. Hi Martha! Your weaving is lovely--the snowflake towels are just perfect!

  5. Your weaving looks beautiful :)