Friday, November 16, 2012

Aloha Table Cloths and A New Bench

After 28 hours of non-stop ironing and sewing I would like to present 80 brand spankin' new Aloha table cloths.  These cloths are currently winging their way to Verbier, Switzerland to grace the table tops of my Nephew's brand new cafe bar - The Offshore Cafe.   The Offshore Cafe's grand opening is scheduled for December 1st, how I wish I could be there to celebrate.

As you probably can tell, I am one tired Auntie M in this picture.  Had to take a picture for posterity - right after this shot was taken I spent a frustrating hour packing everything for mailing.  

Meanwhile, back to reality.... Isn't this oak weaving bench just the most beautiful thing you have ever seen?  My dear husband has been working on this project for the last few weeks.  He custom built this bench for me when I told him my Glimakra bench was causing me to get cramps in my legs when I sat  on it for any length of time.  After noticing a bench with a tilted seat on a weaving website I asked the hubby to build one for me.  Here is his lovely creation - I just love it!  All I have left to do is throw my sheepskin on it and I am ready to weave for hours in comfort.  Thanks Honey.

The bench above was also made by my husband several years ago.   It is the perfect height to use with my Gilmore loom.  I throw a cushion topped with a sheepskin on it and weave in comfort.  It is wonderful to have a resident woodworker in the house, especially when I need something made for my studio.

Need to get busy, Santa's elf should be working on presents...

Happy weaving!


  1. What fun tablecloths - I hope your nephews restaurant is a big success!

    That loom bench is beautifully made

  2. What a trooper you are to do all that work! Yes, you looked tired but it had to feel good to get that work done. I hope the nephew takes lots of pictures for you to enjoy...

    The bench is beautiful and functional. I like the way our looms and tools can be that way. I went to my black steno chair for much the same reason on my big loom. I was getting sciatica down my right thigh and it clearly was the bench. You are one lucky gal.
    (Lynnette's hubby made an angled bench for her too)

    Go and put your feet up and have a cuppa tea. You earned it!


  3. The new bench is beautiful. Congrats! It's nice to have hubby's who contribute to our passion.

  4. Iforgot to say, my cousin has been researching our family tree and says we are from Switzerland. A small world!!

  5. I've been looking for aloha fabric to make my own tablecloth....none here in vancouver. where did you get yours? And how many yards did you need?


    1. The Hawaiian fabric I used for my nephew's table cloths all came from various fabric stores on the big island in Hawaii. I bought 80 yards of various prints to make the giant pile of table cloths you see in the pictures - a ton of work! Figured out the yardage needed for the tables by measuring the table tops and adding the drop I wanted on the sides including hems and shrinkage of fabric also considered. Best advice, buy a lot more than you need and you can't go wrong.

      Maybe if you google Hawaiian fabric you can find something to your liking.


  6. So, a few years down the pike, how are you liking the bench? I am shopping for a new bench. I have a Cranbrook countermarche and have started having a lot of lower back issues, plus sciatic. I use a bar stool I cut to Walt Turpening's measurements, and lately, I have raised the back two legs on a 1x4. That helped the sciatic, but not the lower back. Research tells me I need a higher seat. I'm tall, and most benches aren't high enough. I have a woodworker friend, though. ;-). Just wondering how the bench is doing for you.

    1. Hi Katie, I am still loving my husband created benches, they are hard at work in my studio. Sorry to hear about your back problems, I can sympathize. Sounds like a visit to your wood working friend is in order. Best wishes - hope you feel much better soon.