Friday, November 9, 2012

Fabric Stash, always a good thing

While digging through some of my stash I discovered some fabric I had purchased over a year ago and of course had forgotten about.  Using a bit of this great fabric I whipped up some pillows to accent my white rocker.  The black piping trim was is a left-over from my days of designing and sewing English Renaissance period clothing.  You just never know when that extra yard of trim might come in handy!

This year is the year our dog finally gets his own Christmas stocking which meant I needed to come up with fabric.  What to use for the stocking... handwoven fabric from my stash of bits and pieces left over from other weaving projects.  I can never throw out handwoven fabrics - so of course my stash has fabrics of all sizes, patterns and yarn types and sometimes I actually find uses for these bits of fabric.

Made four new Christmas stockings for my daughter, son-law and grandkids.  Found some great Victorian holly leaf printed fabric at Hobby Lobby along with your standard plain old red cotton fabric for the lining.  Used a dark cranberry velvet ribbon to trim the stockings and bring out the red colors - I like the way the ribbon looks against the print fabric.   Easy project to occupy me for an afternoon.  Drew out the stocking shape on paper, cut out the fabrics, bag lined the stockings with the red cotton and ta-dah....4 new stockings to hang for Santa.

Last but certainly not least are the Christmas table runners I just pulled off the loom yesterday afternoon.  Used the turned monk's belt pattern from Weaver's Craft - changed a few minor things.  Used a wintergreen color instead of the black yarn Jean used in her pattern and I also increased the size of the project both in width and in length.  The short little runner is what I had left over after weaving the three 73" long runners I had planned.  Love the pattern it was fun to weave up and will make great Christmas gifts for some of my family and friends.

Currently I am waiting for 125 yards-- (yes, you read that right 125 yards) of Hawaiian print fabric to be delivered to my front door.  One of my nephews is opening a cafe bar in Verbier, Switzerland on December 1st and needs a whole bunch of new table cloths for his grand opening.   The cafe bar is very popular with the ski crowd and is known for the great food and fun atmosphere.  The Off Shore Cafe Bar has an Hawaiian surf motif - lots of Aloha and good times to be had.  If you get a chance to visit ask for Dante and tell him Auntie M sent you!

Happy Weaving! 


  1. love the runners! i did the the bread cloths from that issue over the summer:) did you have trouble with the floats sticking? i have been thinking about trying these, but thought after the struggle with tension on the first project, i might try weighting the warp. the colored warp did not take up nearly as fast as the plain weave background.

  2. Hi Heather, I did not have any trouble with the floats sticking with this project. However, I did have major trouble sticking floats when I wove the stiped/checked towels in that issue. Had so much trouble with that project I only wove 2 towels and cut the rest of the warp off the loom.

  3. Hi Martha,
    I love the pillows and the black piping just makes them perfect!

    The monk's Belt runners are beautiful and would looks grand down the centre of a table.

    I'm thinking you'll have a flat bum sitting and sewing all those table cloths! But they'll be beautiful...

    :) Susan

  4. Oh my, you must have a wonderful deep fabric stash! The runners are lovely BTW! Now, what are you going to fill that beautiful stocking with? Toys, treats or both? You made it good and big right...;)

  5. Susan, you are correct I will have a flat bum or should I say flatter?

    Theresa, the fabric stash is a not huge - and that is the story I am sticking to '-)