Monday, December 3, 2012

Monk's Belt Revisted

For those of you who might read my poor attempts at blogging I posted a while back about some monk's belt towels I wet finished and discovered a problem of red dye running and ruining all my hard work.   Not to be discouraged or outdone by some bad yarn.  I wove these towels again with a different red yarn and ta-da success --- no red streaks from running dye when I wet finished the towels.

This particular monk's belt draft was graphed out by me on good old fashioned graph paper.  I looked at several old Swedish weaving books and combined the patterning that appealed to me on graph paper.  I don't have a computer based weaving program on my personal iMac - they cost an arm and a leg and me being the frugal homesteader I try to be cannot justify the expense.  

Traditional Swedish weaving patterns appeal to me and monk's belt is one of my favorites.  How do you like my little red cardinal, isn't he just the cutest thing.

Next up is one of two scarves I wove using mini mochi yarn as the weft for one scarf and a hand dyed superwash wool as the weft in the other.   The scarf above has the superwash wool as the weft.  Let me tell you how hard it is to photograph these colors - they either wash out or the color doesn't read true on the monitor.  Used a pattern from the 8 shaft book by C. Strickler, Yarn Barn also used this pattern on a scarf in their catalog - calling it field of flowers.  My version is wider and uses two colors of red tencel as the warp and a different epi.  This was a great project to weave and will be even more fun when I gift one of them to my daughter for Christmas (don't worry she doesn't read this blog).

In this photo you can see how difficult it is to photograph the lovely colors in this scarf.  The color combination kind of reminds me of a warm fire.

Decided to re-photograph my twill Christmas towel for my etsy shop.  This particular towel is having the same problem with the colors showing true on the computer.  Think this shot is a much better representation of the red and greens in this towel.  The two little lead German sheep are from my wee sheep collection.  Seems a lot of weavers collect sheep these days - wish my toy sheep were the real thing....someday I hope they are.   

Hope your holiday preparations are going smoothly.

Happy weaving!


  1. The weaving all so beautiful! Those scarves are going to fly out of etsy along with everything else. I love those sweet little German sheep BTW. You know, those have been terribly collectable for many years. Those are a beautiful pair.

  2. That scarf is amazing !! Do you have one in your Etsy shop? I quess I could look myself. Here I go.

  3. Theresa, I do love my little if I could talk the hubby into some real sheep.

    Donna, thank you so much for supporting my shop - you are the best!

  4. I love your monk's belt design. It makes for an excellent border for a towel. That scarf is to 'die for'. Your work is great!!!!!!!!

  5. Ann, thank you for your kind comments. By the way, I love your weaving assistant - I have been trying to find luck so far.

  6. beautiful as always! love the mochi :)happy holidays!