Thursday, September 27, 2012

Weaving For My Shop

I am pleased with myself today, actually got a head start on my weaving for Christmas.   Altered the rosepath star pattern slightly from the original pattern I found in the 8 shaft pattern book.  My version has tighter looking star points and a decorative middle part between the stars.  Love the red and white towels they are crisp and fresh looking.  The blue glass ornament was a gift from some good friends, they know I collect hand blown cobalt blue ornaments.  I just adore it and can hardly wait to hang it on our tree this year.

Never wanting to waste any warp I squeeked out this little finger tip towel.  The green stripes help to highlight the red stars.  The hand blown cobalt blue ornament was gifted to me by a dear friend this summer, she keeps me supplied with the most beautiful hand made glass you can imagine.

Never weave when you are tired or you end up with something like this....note there are no red stars woven on the border.  There is no border at all, what was I thinking?  Discovered I had not woven any border on this towel when I cut the warp off the loom.  Not wanting to waste a perfectly nice cotlin towel I pulled out some of my Irish cluney lace and added it to the edge.  I think it kind of looks like a traditional hand towel circa 1890's or so.  

My girls are almost all grown up.  Not sure if the white chicken in front is a girl or a boy - we are leaning towards boy because it looks so much different than the other girls.  Out of 10 chicks who arrived here on the 21st of May these girls are all that have survived the terrible heat waves we had this summer.  Expect to start seeing our very first eggs any day now.  Also have 6 new chicks in the brooder, they arrived on Tuesday.  Sure hope they survive to adult hood so we can add them to our mix.

Need to get back to the loom I have a project that needs to be started and off the loom quickly.  

Happy weaving!

Thursday, September 20, 2012


Nope, not a green a yellow basket - think Christmas red and green.  For once I am ahead of the game - the Etsy game.  After a whole lot of weaving I finished the fabric for 7 handwoven baskets, one lovely hand towel and two coasters.

The baskets turned out nicely I am pleased to report.  The plastic needle point canvas I used to make the basket guts was very easy to work with.  Used my handy dandy fringe twister to make the cords for each corner of the basket - it took a while to make enough cord but I like how they turned out.  Each basket has a red, green and white plaid interior with a green striped back.  They will be wonderful for filling with Christmas cookies, cards or ornaments.  The best part is that you can untie the corners and store the basket flat until the next holiday season.

The set of two coasters I made with the leftover fabric pieces are pictured above.  Seems a lot of weavers call these things mug rugs, I am not fond of that moniker and choose to call them by the old-fashioned term - coasters.  Super easy to make I used two pieces of my handwoven fabric, stitched around the main plaid pattern, cut a one inch boarder and pulled out the yarn bits and wa-lah - instant coasters.

Used the tail end of the warp to squeek out on nice towel.  I don't work with 5/2 cotton very often and it sure did surprise me at how fast this towel wove up.  Wet finished, hems sewn a hard press and ta-dah - one Christmas towel for the kitchen or bath.  Now that is what I call using each and every bit of the warp!  

On to other Christmas projects.

Happy Weaving

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Support Your Fellow Weaver

Sometimes the siren call of hand woven textiles call me and I can't resist.  I think that siren call is heard by all hand weavers.  On Etsy I have many favorite weavers whose work I follow.  Occasionally when my shop is doing well and I have a bit of extra income to spend I look at what my fellow weavers have been making and I spread the love as they say.

Today, I would like to share some of the wonderful items I have purchased from some fellow weavers.

Isn't this a wonderful hand woven tea pot cozy?  I just love the pattern, I love the linen yarn choice, I love the color palate -- yep, I love it all.   The fabric for this cozy was woven by Janice Jones, her shop on Etsy is Handwoven Home --  I have long admired Janice's weaving, she tends to use traditional weaving patterns and offers some really lovely items for sale in her shop.

The fabric for this awesome purse is hand woven by Roxanne Brown, her shop on Etsy offers some really cute handwoven purses.  I love the interior of the purse almost as much as the exterior.  The rust color silk really sets off the rust and purple hues of the exterior hand woven fabric.   Roxanne works hard to produce one of a kind purses, the high quality of weaving and sewing are evident in the finished product.

My newest find is this handwoven scarf from Weaverville Woolens.   I wish you could feel how soft my new scarf is, the weaving is impeccable.  Simple perfection.  Diane and I did a little horse trading, I traded her 6 hand woven napkins from my Etsy shop for this lovely scarf.  Personally, I think I got the best part of the deal, wouldn't you agree?

This is probably the only hand woven piece of jewelry I own.  Love the fact that it is woven in twill and is my favorite color combination of navy blue and white.  Kate Kilgus the Nutfield Weaver made made this brooch with some of her hand woven fabric.  Kate is a multi talented weaver who not only weaves wonderful textiles she also makes some fantastic rustic wedding pew decorations and flower girl baskets.

You can check out her shop at

Yes, I do believe in supporting my fellow weavers and I hope you will get out there and spread the love at your favorite weavers shop.

Until next time -- Happy Weaving!