Wednesday, January 2, 2013

It Has Been A Busy Year

It really has been a very busy year both here on our homestead and in my weaving studio.  It comes as a big surprise to me that a good amount of weaving actually was accomplished this past year.  Shall we meander down memory lane?

January - Overshot roses - three table runners awaiting hemming and pressing.

January - Hearts on the loom

February - sewing hems with my old Singer

February - Spring flowers on the loom

March - Complexion cloths - otherwise known as Martha learns to make lemonade out of lemons.  A lesson in just how much yarns can shrink when wet finished.

April - Fiesta Towels!

May - Monk's Belt - the day the red yarn ran in the wash and ruined my lovely towels.  

June - Two All Wool Saddle Blankets  - A lesson in how to use that weird all wool yarn in my stash.

June - All Wool Overshot Area Rug - More lessons in stash use.


July - Red Tencel Pirate Sash

August - Itchy but pretty wool gamp throw  

August - Preparing for Christmas
Plaid yardage for Christmas fabric baskets

September - Nordic Star Christmas Towels

October - Snowflake Christmas Towels

November - Turned Monk's Belt Table Runners

December - Shadow Weave Throw

All in all it appears my looms were very busy.   It was a productive year both in the studio and on the homestead front.

I wish a very happy new year to everyone.

Happy Weaving!


  1. Beautiful weaving. You have inspired me. I'm a new follower.



  2. simply gorgeous! LOVE januarys overshot totally awesome :)

  3. And each one a winner. What a beautiful calendar of weaving it all makes.

  4. LadyV - Welcome, how lovely to start the new year with a new follower. thank you

    Heather, overshot will always be my favorite weaving pattern

    Theresa, thank you. Hard to believe all that weaving came from my looms. Guess I lost track. Pet the kids for me!

  5. I am totally smitten with your January overshot!
    What draft/s did you use for these? I'd love to try them myself someday.
    Happy New Year to you!

  6. Hi Mary, You can find a draft for the Roses overshot in Davidson's book on page 140. Enjoy.

    1. Thanks, Martha! I'm off to check my book and make a plan to weave it.

  7. Beautiful collection of work. Makes me want to weave more. Overshot is so fun and has so many possibilities, but the Pirate Sash is my favorite...I love that structure.