Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Flowers For Spring

Just pulled these towels off my loom this afternoon and managed to get them finished and listed in my Etsy shop for sale.  No matter how many times I weave this particular pattern I still love the results.  The simple color palate with the dogwood blossoms are a reminder of warmer breezes and spring flowers.

Huck lace is a great way to weave texture and beauty into an everyday kitchen towel.   The nice dark red cotton yarn washed up beautifully without any die release!  Love to weave these towels but I think the next time I weave them I will not fringe them.  Fringe is just not appealing to me and for the life of me I cannot fathom what possessed me to fringe them in the first place.

Happy Weaving!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Taquete & Stripes

I have been working with a new to me weave draft known as taquete and having a lot of fun while doing so.  Went through my stash of bright 8/2 unmerc cottons pulling together some nice bright colors.  Warped in a stripe pattern of 14 threads per block using 2 related colors for each stripe/block then moving on to the next stripe/block carrying one of the original colors with me and discarding the remaining color while picking up a new color.  400+ threads later I was done warping.  Lots of fun playing with the color combinations.

Onto to the loom went the warp, a quick thread picking up whatever color came to hand from my cross a nice tie-on and it was off to the races.

It is amazing to see how different each towel looks.  I used a different weft color on each towel, starting  on the left I used bright yellow, green, lilac and finallypurple for the last towel.  My camera just doesn't do justice to the colors they are brighter and clearer in person.

Believe it or not these towels are from the very same warp.  Good old plain weave but my didn't they surprise me when I was weaving them.  Again I used different weft colors for each towel.  Starting from the left Fuschia, light orange, teal blue.  I like them all.

Next time I try weaving with taquete I will warp differently and will use solid blocks of color instead of the blending I did this time.

Happy Weaving!