Wednesday, March 20, 2013

One Warp Different Outcomes

One long warp means many different decisions.  Begin with some lovely natural cotlin add some shots of dark red tencel...weave for awhile.

Continue with the natural cotlin but this time use navy blue tencel...weave for awhile.

We are starting to get somewhere, several yards down the warp we use some gold metallic and cotton ...weave for awhile.

Change it up...find brown fine merino wool in stash...weave for awhile.

Even farther down the road...treadling something new...weave for awhile.

The end of the warp is in sight...soldier blue cotton...weave for awhile...done.

One warp many different outcomes.

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Happy Weaving!


  1. Sometimes Martha, I just walk around the house carrying one of your beautiful dishcloths, just because I love the way it feels in my hands. Yes I do.

  2. awesome! i really enjoyed this post.linen really took it to a higher level. my runners are off the loom washed and waiting to be ironed and sewn. i really loved weaving this pattern too. :)

  3. I do that as well. Almost done with one towel, need idea for next one.

  4. I am looking forward to doing that very same thing with a warp that will be dish towels for another neice's bridal shower. One warp, many variations---it is so much fun! And your towels are so lovely.