Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Making Lemonade

Faced with a wet finishing job that went bad (bleach spots) on a just completed handwoven table runner  I  needed to come up with a solution that would not waste all my hard work.

What to do?  After thinking about the problem for a few days I came up with the idea to use the damaged table runner as the fabric for pincushions.

The resulting pincushion was made using my handwoven fabric, a pewter button, some lovely wool roving from my spinning basket.   A vintage jello mold that came from my Grandmothers's kitchen and some vintage French glass head pins help to make the finished product.  The wool roving helps to keep needles and pins smooth and rust free.

I liked the first pincushion so well I dug into my handwoven fabric stash and made a few more.  Think my new pincushion fits in perfectly with my 1950's Singer Sewing machine, don't you.

Thought that a few seamstresses might not like the vintage jello mold pincushions and would rather have something a bit larger to keep needles and pins.  May I present my version of a sewing tomato!

Last but certainly not least is the fabric that was the cause of all this creativity.  I really do love those vintage French pins, they are really pretty.

On to the next challenge.

Happy Weaving!

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  1. What a heartache ....bleach? :(

    But, you have made something beautiful from your disaster. *Love* the pincushions!


  2. I love your pincushions - great save on the woven fabric. I made some needlefelted pincushions in antique jello molds - what I listed sold quickly.

  3. What a wonderful solution!

  4. A beautiful and creative save!

  5. Martha, what a clever idea. Even the littlest scraps are keepers!