Monday, July 29, 2013

Butter Fresh

Finally after contemplating what to weave with a few cones of a nice and warm butter yellow I decided to weave some napkins.

The yarn was from my stash and I think it was given to me several years ago.  The 3 small cones are vintage at least to me, they appear to be from the 60's.  I am guessing their age by looking at the type written blue ink labels on the interior of the cones.

This picture shows the color a little bit closer to real life.  Warm butter yellow.

Love the way the dots of lace show off the nice glowing sheen of the fine weight cotton.

Fun project to weave.

Happy Weaving

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  1. They're lovely - my favorite color - butter yellow - am planning on painting our bedroom that color although it will probably wait until next year.

  2. Great color, always a winner in my book. In New England
    in some quarters that is known as Dover cream.

  3. Simply lovely. Sometimes an understated pattern is much more elegant.

    That colour should come back into favour...

  4. Salutations, Sister! Love the napkins, I did paint my bedroom this color, and it is lovely. Baby D's gown is wonderful, post pictures of the big day. Did you make him a cap, too?


  5. Lots of beautiful things, I love these spots. Good luck with the competition!