Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Life's Little Treasures

Not much weaving is getting accomplished this week.  However, I do have a good excuse, motherhood or should I say puppyhood.

Last Saturday we brought home our long awaited puppy from the breeder.  Need I say that I can get very little accomplished in my day now that we have an 8 week old baby in the house.

This is Pepper, she is 5 1/2 pounds of pure unadulterated standard poodle puppy energy!

Miss Pepper
8 weeks old

Hopefully I will be able to return to weaving soon, until then....

Happy Weaving


  1. Oh, but a puppy!!!! Worth taking a break from weaving for, I'd say.

  2. Oh yes, I remember puppyhood - all consuming! Congrats on the addition to the family.

  3. you will have your hands full! Congratulations!

  4. Oh MY, nothing better than puppyhood, nothing!!!!
    Pepper is adorable, and I'm sure she will live up to her spicey name. We had a black standard poodle many moons ago when I was but a wee lass and he was a super dog. Here's to many many years of joy and happiness.

  5. congrats! pepper looks like she is going to sweetie pie :)

  6. Aww, how sweet! You might not get any weaving done, but with a puppy--who cares! Enjoy her.