Saturday, July 27, 2013

Weaving & Wrestling

I started a tradition eleven years ago of weaving and then sewing Christening gowns to give our daughter for her new born babies.  After learning that our daughter was expecting baby number three I got to work weaving the yardage I would need to create another Christening gown.

Using 10/2 mercerized cotton as the weft and some very lovely single ply silk yarn that I doubled in the bobbin for the weft I proceeded to weave six yards of diamond patterned huck lace yardage.  The silk weft creates a lovely shine and a nice hand to the fabric.

Today I finished working on the Christening gown for our soon to be born Grandson David.  Sorry about the crappy hanger, had to bend a dry cleaning hanger to "fit" so I could hang the gown for a few days before I hemmed it.

Here is a full length shot of the Christening gown, very hard to capture the silk sheen.  The gown is rather plain for my tastes but it is what our daughter requested.

Elsewhere in our chaos

Today Pepper turns 3 months old, she is growing fast!

Here is a shot of Sam our 8 year old Old English Sheepdog, also known as our built in baby sitter.

Sam and Pepper, getting ready for round 20 of the World Federation Of Dog Wrestling.  You will note the rag rug in the fore ground, Pepper seems to think it is her property to drag where ever she sees fit.

Sam has given Pepper the Wrestling moniker of "The Black Menance".  Observe that Sam is very gentle with his little pesky sister although once in awhile she does get reminded who is in charge around here.  

Until next time.

Happy Weaving

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  1. The christening gown is beautiful - what a special thing to weave for each grandchild.

  2. I love the yardage you are doing for christening gowns......really beautiful.

  3. The gown is so beautiful and I am not even seeing up close and personal. So charming in fact, almost enough to make me want to be pregnant again. At 54 that would be quite a miracle and would deserve a fine gown! your grandchildren are so blessed to have such lifelong keepsakes made by one who loves them so.

  4. Lovely huck weaving and so perfect for a christening gown! What a lucky baby and what a lucky Grandma to be able to do such wonderful weaving. No doubt a family heirloom in the making.
    Good dog Sam, puppies named Pepper can be awfully trying I'm sure. But oh so cute and in the long run, Sam will enjoy the canine companionship.

  5. Your huck woven gown is wonderful!