Monday, August 26, 2013

I Need Your Help

                                   Could I please ask you to vote for my shop?

I have entered the Martha Stewart American Made 2013 Contest and hope to be recognized as a maker who is helping to revive lost art forms and a person who is helping to push the American made movement forward.  I am in the running to win $10,000 which I plan to use to upgrade my looms and open a working studio where I can demonstrate and teach weaving.

                              Voting begins August 26 and ends September 13.

You can view my entry at:

I know this is a long shot, but I hope it is the first step to making my dreams come true.

Just finished weaving and assembling more of my cotlin and linen coasters this week.   Although the warp is quick to warp and weave the assembly does some time to accomplish.

Enjoy your week.

Happy Weaving!


  1. The best of luck in the MS contest. I've tried to vote but the website must be overwhelmed right now, it won't even come up. I'll keep trying during the day.

  2. Just as soon as the MS website gets its act together - I'll be voting and since I'm from Chicago - I'll be voting 'early & often' ;)

  3. Very lovely coasters--more examples of why I will vote for you!

  4. Same here. I can get on the American made website for Martha but having to scroll thru all 152 entries. Haven't found you yet. Really want to vote for you!!Love what you do

  5. Thanks for all the votes of confidence. The MS website has been down since this morning, they cannot handle all the incoming traffic and are working to fix the problems. My shop is in the Crafts category and last I looked was sitting somewhere around page 24 of that category. Hope they fix the problems soon, people are trying to vote and getting frustrated with the site.

  6. Ok, put in my 5 votes for today, took a while to get on the site, then when I tried to sign it, it didn't recognize my password, which I've had for a long time, got that fixed, signed in and voted. I see we can vote many days - I'll be on top of it!

  7. Hi Martha,
    I got my five votes in and when I left you had a count of 43!

    *fingers crossed*