Saturday, September 21, 2013

Barn and Bed Quilts

My dear friend Anita better known to those that love her as Cherry is a talented quilter.  Over the years she has made many quilts all of which are works of art.  Last week Cherry made the trip down to visit and to bring me a barn quilt she designed and painted for our mini barn.

My lovely barn quilt is a version of the traditional quilting pattern known as Irish chain that Cherry designed and painted just for me.  Isn't it perfect!

I think my new barn quilt adds just the perfect touch to our little homestead.

Around here no chores are completed without supervisory assistance.  Sam is eating grass (as usual) and Pepper is watching that her Dad doesn't fall off the ladder.

Cherry really surprised me with this lovely quilt to grace my guest bedroom.   I always admire the skill that goes into the execution of Cherry's quilts, note her starburst quilting lines (she does these free hand on her sewing machine).  Fantastic heirloom quilt from a generous and good friend. 

Thank you Cherry, you are the bestest!

I have been busy getting ready for the upcoming holiday season by weaving a few towels and a table runner in one of my favorite overshot patterns, Star of Bethlehem.

Hope everyone is looking forward to the upcoming fall season.  I know we are looking forward to the cooler weather.

Happy Weaving

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  1. What incredible quilts - both on the bed and on the barn!

  2. So glad that both quilts are exactly where they should be and that you love them! The runner was pretty when I saw it on the loom & even more beautiful all finished!

  3. It's all so dang pretty! What a bed quilt. I would want to sleep in that guest room just to be under it. The barn quilt reminds me of the Penn Dutch hexx signs from my youth. Looks fantastic!

  4. Gorgeous quilts! I love looking at patchwork, and occasionally I indulge too :)
    Your weaving, as ever, is lovely too - thanks for sharing x x