Thursday, September 26, 2013

Tartan Ribbons and Snowflakes

This cute thread catcher was designed and sewn just for me by Kate Kilgus who is also known as the talented Nutfield Weaver.   In post on Kate's blog -

I had admired a thread catcher she had just sewn for herself and wondered if she would make me one.

She did and here it is mounted on my Swedish loom, I just love the tartan ribbons that tie the catcher to my loom.  Kate, thank you so much for this great little addition to my weaving studio.  Now maybe I can keep the floors around here a tad neater.

Just finished my cotlin Christmas towel warp this afternoon.  This is the third year I have woven these two types of towels.  In the above picture you can see my Nordic Star towels.  The cookie cutters sitting on the towel are from my collection of old Christmas cookie cutters.

The second version of my cotlin Christmas towels are known as the Snowflake towels.  The rolling pin in the picture is from a collection I keep in a stoneware crock in my dining room.  I love old well used and loved baking items, they speak to me of warm country kitchens that have the smell of warm cookies fresh out of the oven.

Enjoy the cooling weather.

Happy Weaving.

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  1. The cotlin towels are beautiful! And the thread catcher is so you - perfect for your loom - I see why you had to have one.

  2. Beautiful and handy and what a nice gift. I really need something like it not only on the looms but by the sewing machines too!
    Oh heavens those snowflake towels are perfect, please, can you share that draft or where to find it Martha? And speaking of snowflakes, we saw some in the air this week. YIKES!

  3. Therea, I am sending you a private message.

  4. I'm just tickled pink that you like your thread catcher, Martha! My floors look much better since I've used mine. A miracle! Thanks for the very kind comments. Happy weaving, Martha! Be well, Kate :)

  5. Your Snowflake towels are beautiful.