Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Taquete Rainbows

Two coordinating sets of towels came from the same brightly colored warp.  Originally threaded the loom for taquete and then proceeded to do my own thing - I never have been one for following the crowd.

The above set of towels is good old fashioned tabby weave, all I do is vary the weft color in each towel to achieve a different color tone.  It is always fun to see how a particular color weft reacts with the warp colors.  

Four more towels from the fiesta rainbow warp were treadled with only a mere portion of the original taquete treadle sequence.  I like the look of the little triangles dancing across each stripe.  I find the overall color tone of each towel is interesting and sometimes hard to predict when weaving.

Miss Naughty Pants, also known as Pepper is now the ripe old age of 6 months old today, my how she has grown.  It is a wonder she has made it this far, with all her "leakage problems" of the past, the pulled yarn from my carpets and the many household items she has destroyed with chewing!  She is one lucky little poodle-girl, we love her no matter the current crisis she has gotten herself into.

Happy Weaving.

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  1. Those colors are wonderful! Was it a cotton warp? They are very happy towels. And your puppy is beautiful. She looks like a nice companion.

  2. Love the bright colored towels!
    Pepper is adorable, and obviously a challenge as puppy's can be.

  3. Flyin', the warp is 8/2 unmerc cotton. Pepper sends her thanks, she is a great companion to my Old English Sheepdog Sam...although Sam might have other ideas,

  4. Beautiful towels...love how you take a pattern and make it your own.

  5. I love how the weave structure maintains the colours in the warp.... beautiful!

    Yes, our Calli who was certified house trained when we got her at ten months had more than a few leaks when we got her. Our berber carpet has a few pulls that have been mended but those times have passed and she has us well trained :) They are such good company!

  6. I love your towels - the colours are beautiful :)

    We love our rescue greyhounds too....no matter what they get up to!

  7. LOVE the colors!! Of course you did your own thing - you have to, its in your DNA. Happy Half-Year Birthday, Pepper! Hugs to SamWise.

  8. I have no idea how you do that! But then again I can't even sew on a button let alone weave something as artistic as those towels. You totally amaze me !

  9. Excellent colors, Martha! And I love the name "Miss Naughty Pants." We have "Ingrid," the surly old lady Norwegian Elkhound, and refer to her by many names -- some not suitable for print.