Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Change Of Direction For The New Year

A fellow weaver on one of the Etsy weaving teams I belong to posted the question:

"And now, at the end of the month and the year, what are your thoughts? Happy? Disappointed? In between? Any suggestions?"
Her questions caused me to consider why I have an Etsy shop - what follows are my thoughts.

"Hmmm, after considering the questions for a while here is what I came up with for myself.

Sales have remained steady for which I am very grateful as they allow me to fund my ever growing yarn stash. 

Am I happy about the year, yes and no. Happy - yes, I am happy that I have sales. No - I am not happy that I have allowed myself to become so engrossed in stats that I am losing sight of what is important to me.

Disappointed, yes I am disappointed in myself. I keep letting my shop dictate what I weave instead of my original intention which is to offer things I have woven because I want to share them with others. Sales is not why I am here, my passion and love of weaving is why I am here and I keep forgetting that. My connection to other weavers and the friendships we develop are why I am here not the all mighty dollar.

Disappointed, yes I am disappointed in myself for allowing another weaver to cause me to quit a team that I enjoyed. Lesson learned, do not allow others to dictate how I will react to situations. 

Suggestions, yes I have suggestions for myself - stay true to the reason I am here. I need stop the merry-go-round of sales pressure and return to my original goal. I love to weave quality hand woven textiles for home and hearth - Period. For me that is all that matters. "

After considering and answering those questions I feel much better about myself and my weaving goals for the new year.  

 What is important to me?  My family ----   everything else is secondary.

My husband of 26 years.  Did I mention I adore him?

My dogs, SamWise and Pepper.  Did I mention they are awesome?

My daughter, Amy.  My Granddaughter, Kaya.  My Grandson, David.  
Did I mention they rock my world?

My Grandson, Christian.  He also rocks my world.


Happy Weaving!


  1. Good for you! Weave what pleases you. It is one reason I have resisted to weave or sew on request. Once I start looking at an enjoyable hobby as something I have to do, it then becomes something I don't want to do.
    What a beautiful family, and boy has Pepper grown into a lovely girl.
    Happy New Year Martha! I hope there is much magic and fun in store for you in 2014!

  2. Oh, how I relate to this is so easy to get caught up in the "making of money"......and forget what you started out loving.
    I struggle with that all the time.

  3. Way to go - do what you love and making income off it is a plus, icing on the cake. I run into the same issues at time, I'm glad the pressure is off some by selling the roving so the weaving I do is what I love to least most of the in progress.......all the time....

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  5. Thank you for your post. You write it, so I think. I would not want that lovely and beloved hobby would become a hard job. Then lost the creativity and enthusiasm for the new, beautiful crafts.

    I love so much weavings and Ihave a smal handmade boutique, called Kankuritar, refers to a woman who weaves.

    I wish you a Happy New Year, from Finland, Tarja Marjeta


  6. You and I feel the same way Martha....I'm happy for my Etsy shop as it gives me a place to sell what I weave.

    I decided long ago that in order for weaving to be fun I must always weave what interests me first. So what appears in my shop is not really driven by customers (except for special orders and I don't like the pressure they bring). I also decided not to weave for Christmas gifts (but birthdays are okay through out the year).

    Your are quite right though that we periodically must reprioritize and set a new agenda... and New Years is a great time to do just that.

  7. Happy New Year, Martha! You have a beautiful family, and your work is truly beautiful, as well.

    When I opened my shop, I decided to weave only what appeals to me, without a thought to sales; however, the reason for the shop is to support my weaving--to pay for yarn and other supplies, and possibly a new loom or two. I have to say, my sales have not been brisk, and I am starting to re-think my marketing strategy. Finding that happy medium is probably like searching for fairy dust, though. Hope you find yours in the coming year.

  8. Well, I was so surprised at the end of the post not to see my name--I felt like I had written this! Thank you for giving voice to what many of us must be thinking. Your family and home are beautiful. They should be your priority, not Etsy. I hope the coming New Year will allow us all to be the weavers we want to be, loving our work and creating new textiles for the ages, not for the sales.

  9. What a great post, Martha! We are on the same train of thought. You inspire me. Now, if I can just settle on certain things I really love to weave. I seem to jump all over the place. Ha!
    Happy, Happy New Year!