Monday, April 14, 2014

Herd Additions

My studio size has decreased and increased all in one weekend.  
On Friday my beloved 4 shaft Glimakra, Thistle left home for different pastures, I shall really miss her company.  
Don't think Sam is going to miss Thistle all that much.

A lovely little 22" 4 shaft solid cherry Norwood shyly made herself a home here in the studio.  I spent a few hours waxing her and changing out the old cotton cords on the warp beams with texsolv cord.

A brand new stainless steel 12 dent reed has been ordered along with new tie up cords.  The original chain tie ups she came with are not my favorite so I decided to switch them out with Schacht's tie up system.

Once everything is here to finish upgrading this little loom I will put a warp on her and enjoy her small yet sturdy self.

Keeping with my tradition of naming my looms after my favorite English renaissance nobility, please meet Bess (nickname of Queen Elizabeth I).

All the way from Des Moines my I present my 45" walnut 8 shaft Loomcraft Loom.  She is a real beauty and only needed a bit of TLC to restore her to her former glory.  

Her original tie up cords will be replaced by texsolv cord.  A 45" stainless steel 12 dent reed has been ordered as well as 600 more flat stainless steel heddles.  The loom came with 3 reeds, but they are unusable.  

Found it surprising that there were only 100 heddles on most shafts, for a loom this size I will need more.  The bench has a nice pull out drawer and is also made from walnut.  

Very excited to welcome this loom into the studio.  After contemplating names I decided to call her Victoria, before you send me emails I know that Victoria did not reign during the renaissance.  
Felt that a loom with such presence deserved a name to match.  

Rounding out the studio is my go-to loom the 8 shaft Gilmore, better known as Rose (short for English Rose, also a reference to Queen Elizabeth I).  Currently weaving an all silk shawl.  

A question for the sages, what do weavers call a collection of looms?   Might we call them a gaggle of looms, a pod of looms, a group of looms?  I have settled on a herd of looms.

Thistle Rose Weaving Studio

On to the next project...

Happy Weaving!

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  1. Very fun to see the new additions to the herd and seeing your studio - I'm jealous of all that floor space!

  2. Ich wünsche viel Freude beim weiteren Weben. gruß wiebke

  3. Oh yes, a herd works for me, although I might be tempted to call them a colony of looms...since to make room for more, I colonize rooms! Love the new little Norwood. Please, let us all know how she weaves when you get a chance. I am wishing I had doorways big enough to wheel Big Sal out to weave outside...a little loom might work. LOL< Here I go again, dreaming up more stuff to buy. Congrats on that thriving colony!

  4. I guess I have a BIG herd at my house.

    1. Yep, Hilary you have a huge herd at your house. ;-)

  5. If three looms are a herd and I have seven looms then I have a large herd but Hilary has a stampede with all 16 of hers! LOL!

    1. Didn't count the little looms around here, if I did the herd would increase greatly ;-)

  6. Oh, you are a lucky lady to ride herd over these beauties!

  7. How exciting to see so many looms all in one place. What a great studio set up you have.

  8. Such a beautiful studio! My looms are slotted in around our furniture, I dream of having enough space for them all together in a dedicated place. I have a repurposed bedroom that I call my studio - but really it's more of a storage room for the fiber and yarn and accessories - the looms are in the living room. Still, I do like weaving with the family activity around me, I feel too isolated when I shut myself off in the back room. Cake and eat it too... I want it! ;)